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Are you managing motherhood, managing your career, and managing to laugh through it all? Then you’re in the right place! 

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Meet Becca

I’m Becca Carnahan, Career Coach, Writer, and Mom dedicated to helping women find more fulfillment and joy in their work and lives. 

As a Career Transition Coach, I help mid-career professionals make their successful career transitions. We work together on career visioning, job search and entrepreneurial strategies, and effective storytelling. (We laugh a lot too.) 

As a Writer, I love to tell funny and relatable stories here on my working mom blog and in my books

And as a Mom, well, I’m busy chasing kids on bikes and scrubbing toothpaste off walls. (How do they always get toothpaste on the walls?)

What's Here?

With Love, Becca is a working mom blog that started as a creative outlet when my babies were babies and has evolved over the years. 

Here you’ll find a ton of fun and helpful posts dating back to 2017, including career tips, working mom resources, and funny memes. You can also learn more about career coaching with a mom who gets it (that’s me) and check out my books!

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