13 Hilarious 90s Memes for 90s Kids Raising Kids

Inside: 90s memes that will have you laughing out loud as a parent.

Every generation has its own nostalgic feelings for the days gone by. 90’s kids are certainly no exception.

And now that we are 90’s kids raising our own kids, we are eager to bring back the pop culture of our youth to give voice to our parental concerns. I, for one, am totally here for it. Give me all the 90’s parenting memes. Forever and for always.

Enjoy some of my favorite 90’s memes for 90’s kids raising kids, and laugh along down a two-lane highway of memory lane and parenting road.

Funny Memes for 90s Kids Raising Kids

1) You complete me.

But also, I have no idea what is happening right now…

2) If we don’t move they can’t see us.

But move and you’re going to be beckoned for a snack. You’ve been warned.

3) Are you kidding me with this?


4) Uh, oh. Crazy eyes are out!

Also, Monica’s crazy eyes are for REAL.

5) 90’s Kids Have 10 Things They Hate About Caillou

At LEAST 10 things.

6. Not even if you get really up in my face like a close talker.

It’s just not possible…

7. Enter Bill Murray to come babysit your kids.

Or Bugs Bunny. He’d be fine too.

8. Tiny arms, serious temper. Looks about right actually.

Appreciate the effort!

9. Forget it. Just give me my mom jeans. I’m no Rachel.

I feel so seen…

10. Out of the sea, wish I could be, watching TV.

When did my joints get so OLD!?

11. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. Bedtime. And 90’s memes.

But mostly bedtime. Really, really wanna.

12. A PO-NY!


13. And the people who sold it on sale.

Kevin knew what was up.

I don’t care if the 1990s were nearly 30 years ago… they were magic, and they will live on forever.

Here’s to the 90’s kids raising kids. May your kids appreciate classic boy bands, cucumber melon scent, and Home Alone. And if not, well, there are always 90’s memes.

Happy Parenting!

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