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I’m the Becca behind the scenes – working mom of two, career coach, writer, and humor enthusiast. Thanks so much for stopping by my corner of the internet for some laughs and career inspiration!

With Love, Becca is a working mom blog for women managing families, managing careers, and managing to laugh through it all! As a career coach and founder of Becca Carnahan Career Coaching & Communications, I can’t help but infuse these posts with strategies and tools to help you move your career in the direction you want. We will also chat here about the crazy ride of parenting, working mom hacks, and some serious 90s nostalgia. Sometimes we’ll even talk about all of those things in a single post!

The Home Team

Before we go any further, let’s get to know the rest of the home team and stars of this show.

Glen: Patient husband, awesome dad, can bench press the whole family. You’ll hear from Glen as he supports my goals whole heartedly, puts up with my ridiculousness, and shares plenty of his own.

Jack: 6 year old son, tells good jokes, asks lots of questions. He’s as extroverted as they come and inspires me to get social when I just want to get cozy.

Norah: 4 year old daughter, prankster, amazing hair. She’s an introverted goofball whose bravery amazes me on a regular basis, and pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Careers and Parenting Humor?

I know what you’re thinking. Career advice and laughing? In this working mom blog they really go together. I promise!

I spent 13 years working at Harvard Business School with a focus on career services. In that time I helped MBA students figure out how to do more of what they love using a variety of career development tools and frameworks. These strategies are so valuable to the early and mid-career women I speak with outside of HBS on a daily basis, but this stuff can also be intimidating. That’s why I wrap them up in funny relatable stories that make the scary prospect of figuring out what you want to be when you grow up next feel fun and exciting. Career stuff doesn’t have to be all stuffy. Here’s a prime example!

Interested in learning more about this career coaching business? In addition to the blog, I work 1:1 with career coaching clients on career visioning, networking, job search strategies, interview skills, and resumes/cover letters/LinkedIn. Are you a stay at home parent thinking about re-entering the workforce outside the home? A mom who has been inspired by her kids and wants to make a change? A working mom wanting to find more meaning in her career? If you’re trying to figure out how to make your career goals a reality stick around for the blog posts, and then check out my coaching site.

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Working Mom Blog Love

For more on why I started this working mom blog check out my first post Hopes, Dreams, & the DMV. (Cliff notes: I loved to write, and I wasn’t writing, and that was crazy.) And then check out the humor page for some laughs, the career development page for some laughs + advice, or the parenting page for some laughs and all things mom life.

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Looking forward to inspiring, educating, and supporting each other in this wild ride of motherhood and work!

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