30 Inspiring Moms Through History Who Share Your April Birthday

Inside: Celebrate your April birthday with these famous women. These hard-working moms have chased their dreams, raised their families, and made their marks on the world, just like you!

Happy April birthday to you!

(And if you missed January, February, or March don’t worry. We have you covered!)

Shared birthdays have always fascinated me. When reading a biography, I pause for a moment when the author mentions the subject’s birthday wondering if I know anyone else born on that day. I try to draw connections between the people and think about them making wishes on their shared personal holidays, blowing out the candles perhaps decades or thousands of miles apart.

I don’t think I’m alone in this birthday buddy fascination either because the Ty company did VERY well with Beanie Babies. People love birthdays.


I share a birthday with civil rights activist and mom of six, Ida B. Wells, and I enjoyed learning more about her life and our mutual love of the written word. After uncovering this working mom connection, I thought it would be fun to dive a little deeper.

Who shares your birthday? Is there a famous hard-working mom out there you might find a connection to based on the day you both popped out into the world? Maybe you are both artists or entrepreneurs. Maybe you both love classical music or each have three kids.

So let’s find out!

Just because April 2020 is not going to be party central for your birthday, you can still celebrate! Find your mom April birthday buddy below and let me know if making a wish on the same day is a straightforward as that, or if there is something more between you and your match. In this busy doing one million things world, it’s nice to take a pause and focus on yourself once in a while. Celebrate you, make new connections, and eat some birthday cake!

Definitely eat the cake.

30 Inspiring Moms Who Share Your April Birthday

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April 1

Debbie Reynolds: Actress, singer, and mother of two. Over her 70 year career, Debbie wowed audiences with her talent on Broadway, television, movies, and on stages across the country. She also wrote two autobiographies and owned several businesses including a dance studio.

April 2

Miriam Rodón Naveira: Environmental scientist and mother of one. Miriam was the first Hispanic woman to serve as deputy director of the EPA’s National Exposure Research Lab’s Environmental Sciences Division before taking on a role at NASA. She’s also spends a lot of time educating teachers and kids about careers in STEM – hooray career education!

April 3

Colbie Smulders: Actress and mother of two. She wasn’t THE mother, but is a mom! You know Colbie as Robin, and Robin Sparkles, from How I Met Your Mother, but another fun fact – she was Wonder Woman in The Lego Movie.

April 4

Maya Angelou: Author, poet, activist, and mother of one. Maya’s writing impacted millions of readers and writers over her 50-year career and her words will continue to do so for years to come. Her best-known work, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, is in a class of its own in the world of literature, shining a light on black culture and opening doors for others to do the same.

April 5

Agnetha Fältskog: Singer and mother of two. Don’t recognize Agnetha’s name? Take a chance on this dancing queen because you definitely know her! In addition to her solo singing career, Agnetha achieved international stardom as a member of ABBA.

April 6

Candace Cameron-Bure: Actress and mother of three. America’s favorite big sister ruled Friday nights as DJ Tanner in the 90s and then brought DJ back into our lives in Fuller House on Netflix. She has also filled our homes with holiday spirit in just about every Hallmark Christmas movie. Thanks, Candace!

April 7

Janis Ian: Singer, songwriter, and mother of one. If you’re like me you did a double-take at this name. Janis Ian as in Mean Girls? Nope, Janis Ian as in two time Grammy award-winning folk singer. She’s also a science fiction author. You go, Glenn Coco! I mean… Janis.

April 8

Betty Ford: Former First Lady of the United States and mother of four. Betty was one of the first First Ladies to be politically active in her role and spoke out on behalf of women’s rights and gun control. In 1982, she established the Betty Ford Center to treat substance dependency after openly fighting and recovering from her own alcohol and opioid addiction.

April 9

Cynthia Nixon: Activist, actress, and mother of three. Cynthia made her way into living rooms and girl’s night conversations around the country with her portrayal of Miranda Hobbes in Sex in the City. She’s also been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights, income equality, universal healthcare, and renewable energy – all part of her platform when she ran for Governor of New York in 2018.

April 10

Chyler Leigh: Actress and mother of three. Grey’s Anatomy fans know Chyler as Lexie Grey, but she has also starred in 7th Heaven, Not Another Teen Movie, and Supergirl. Chyler is also a talented singer and often performs with her husband Nathan West of the band East of Eli.

April 11

Jane Bolin: Judge and mother of one. Jane was the first black female judge in the United States. Throughout her career on the New York State Family Court bench, she advocated for children and families. She also served on the board of the NAACP and the New York Urban League.

April 12

Claire Danes: Actress and mother of two. Take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and you’ll find a star with Claire Danes’ name imprinted, and for good reason! Throughout her career in television and film, Claire has won three Emmys, four Golden Globes, and two SAG awards. Some of her biggest hits include Temple Grandin, Homeland, and My So-Called Life.

April 13

Yvonne Clark: Mechanical Engineer and mother of two. Yvonne was a pioneer in the engineering field and broke the glass ceiling three separate times as the first woman to earn engineering degrees at two prestigious universities before going on to be the first female professor in the College of Engineering and Technology at Tennessee State University.

April 14

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Actress, entrepreneur, and mother of two. Sarah Michelle was queen of the 90s screen staring in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and movies like Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer. She is also the co-founder of Foodstirs, a food crafting and baking kit company.

April 15

Emma Thompson: Actress, screenwriter, author, and mother of two. Emma is such a wonderful actress that I would pay money to watch her watch paint dry. That one scene in Love Actually alone could have made a breathtaking career, but she has starred in dozens of hit movies in addition to writing two bestselling children’s books.

April 16

Tracy K. Smith: Poet and mother of three. Tracy was the 22nd Poet Laureate of the United States and won a Pulitzer Prize for her collection of poetry, Life on Mars. Her work focuses on relationships, identity, and sexuality, in her unique and powerful voice. She’s also a college professor at Princeton and hosts a podcast called The Slowdown.

April 17

Jennifer Garner: Actress, entrepreneur, and mother of three. Jennifer is an accomplished actress, having won a Golden Globe, a SAG award, and four Primetime Emmy nominations. She is also co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Once Upon a Farm, an organic baby food company. Sidenote: if you don’t follow her on Instagram, you really should! Jennifer is funny, down to earth, and America’s best mom friend.

April 18

Joy Davidman: Poet, author, and mother of two. Joy published several award-winning books of poetry and novels including her most famous work, Smoke on the Mountains. The movie Shadowlands is based on her marriage to C.S. Lewis.

April 19

Candace Parker: Professional basketball player, analyst, and mother of one. She is a total superstar on and off the court and the proud owner of two Olympic Gold Medals and a WNBA championship title.

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April 20

Cindy Axne: Politician and mother of two. Cindy was one of the first women from Iowa elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where she now serves on the Committee on Agriculture. Before serving in the House, she worked for the Chicago Tribune and the Iowa state government.

April 21

Elizabeth II: Queen of England and mother of four. Grab a spot of tea and practice your curtsey for your birthday celebration with the queen! Elizabeth ascended to the throne in 1952 after the death of her father. At 94, she is the world’s oldest living monarch and the longest-serving female head of state in history. Which makes it ridiculous that I’m choosing this video to share, but it just makes me so happy.

April 22

Paula Fox: Author and mother of three. Paula launched her career as a children’s book author and won the National Book Award, the Hans Christian Andersen Award, and the Newbery Medal! Later in her career, she also wrote novels for adults. Fun fact – Courtney Love is her granddaughter.

April 23

Shirley Temple: Singer, actress, diplomat and mother of three. Did you pause at diplomat too? You know Shirley Template as the incredibly talented child star honored with the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award. But I had no idea she also served as United States ambassador to Ghana and to Czechoslovakia.

April 24

Shirley MacLaine: Actress, singer, and mother of one. Two Shirleys in a row, who would have thunk it? Over her 65 year career, Shirley has won five Golden Globes, two BAFTA awards, and an Academy Award. Oh, and don’t forget the Kennedy Center Honors!

April 25

Ella Fitzgerald: Singer and mother of one. Known as the “First Lady of Song,” Ella’s 60-year career as a jazz singer was one for the record books. She earned fourteen Grammys and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I’ll let her take it from here.

April 26

Dame Anne McLaren: Biologist and mother of three. If you know and love a baby born because of IVF, you have Anne to thank! Her work in developmental biology helped pave the way for in vitro fertilization. She was also created a DBE, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, in recognition of her contributions to science.

April 27

Tina Sloan Green: Field Hockey player, coach, and mother of two. Tina was the first black woman to play on the United States women’s national field hockey team and she later went on to coach at Temple University. And if you find yourself at the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum, look for Tina’s name!

April 28

Jessica Alba: Entrepreneur, actress, and mother of three. Jessica has dozens of film and television credits to her name, but she may be even more well known for her business, The Honest Company, which sells hypoallergenic baby and beauty products.

April 29

Debbie Stabenow: US Senator and mother of two. Debbie was the first woman from Michigan to be elected to the US Senate where she now serves on the Senate Agriculture Committee, Finance Committee, Energy Committee, and Budget Committee. Major pillars of her political career include a focus on healthcare access and job creation.

April 30

Gal Gadot: Actress and mother of two. Moms are superwomen, but Gal? She’s literally Wonder Woman! In addition to her acting career, she also served for two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat readiness instructor.

Happy April birthday to you, mamas!

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