How to Find Flexible and At-Home Jobs for Moms: FlexJobs Review

Inside: Why FlexJobs is the best place to find flexible and at-home jobs for moms. FlexJobs Review and How To.

Hey there, working moms and moms looking to re-enter the workforce! Ready to make a change in your career? Need to find a new job? If you don’t already have FlexJobs on your list of places to look for flexible work, let’s talk about fixing that – ASAP!

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What is FlexJobs?

When I’m coaching moms looking to make a career change, FlexJobs often comes up as one of my top career and job search site recommendations. But before we get into all the reasons why FlexJobs might be the right place for you to find a flexible or at-home job, what is it?

1. FlexJobs is a job search site.

FlexJobs is a subscription job search website that has been around since 2007. In some ways, it is quite similar to other well-known job search engines like LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder. Employers post their open roles and you as a job seeker can search for job postings based on the industries and functions you’re interested in and then apply.

2. FlexJobs is focused on at-home jobs and flexible work.

What makes FlexJobs a unique job search site is that it is entirely focused on remote and flexible jobs. Every position is either part-time, flexible schedule, remote, freelance, or some combination. The FlexJobs team curates the postings and only posts those that are professional, flexible, and high quality so you’re not weeding through a bunch of work-from-home scams. For busy moms, outsourcing part of the job search process makes a lot of sense!

3. FlexJob offers job search resources.

While for many the initial appeal of FlexJobs is the job search engine, FlexJobs also offers additional resources that are great for those looking to make a career change. There are skills tests, tips, industry insights, career coaching, and member savings on computers, babysitting, and software. These aren’t just random discounts either – they are all for products and services I looked at as a working mom and said “Yup, they get it!”

4. FlexJobs lets employers find you

When you create an account, fill out your profile, upload your resume, and input your preferences, employers can find you! I’m all about being proactive in your job search and doing your own outreach, but getting your name out there is a big part of that.

how to find legit at home jobs for moms

Why FlexJobs for Working Moms?

So that’s what FlexJobs is, but now let’s talk more about why it could be right for you as a working mom or soon-to-be working mom looking for flexible and at-home jobs.

Major caveat before we dive in, every working mom is different! Not all working moms have remote work and flexible schedules on the top of their must-have lists, for a whole host of reasons that are none of my business. If this doesn’t feel like your jam, don’t worry. I’m not painting all working moms with the same brush.

However, for some working moms, flexible schedules and remote work help check some important boxes as they think about the next steps of their careers.


First up, necessity. Daycare is a great option for some families, but it is also very expensive. Then for school-age kids, school lets out well before the end of a traditional workday. Factor all of this in with the still very real gender wage gap, and women are more often the ones who will step out of the workforce to care for children.

For moms who need, want, or both need and want to continue working after having children, flexible and at-home jobs allow them the opportunity to take care of family needs, earn an income, and continue building their careers.


Then there’s the matter of time. Women spend two more hours each day on childcare and household work than men. I’m not saying this is how it should go down, but it does. Also, a study in 2018 found that on average working mothers were working 98-hour weeks when combining home life and work life. Yikes! And when I look at the start/stop times suggested by this study, honestly that total number feels too low.

What that means is a serious time crunch for working mothers who are constantly looking for better time management strategies to make work life and family life doable. Flexible work hours and no commute can play a big role in making that happen, while we also work out the issues of division of household labor.

Work-Life Balance

And of course, the elusive work-life balance. Working parents want more time with their kids! Childhood goes by fast, and we want to be there enjoying precious time with our families. Crack jokes about how hard parenting is all we want, us working moms love our kids to pieces and want jobs that let us provide and strive while being present parents.

How do you achieve balance, have it all, and ditch the guilt? Well, personally I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect work and life utopia. We’re going to make trade-offs, we’re going to feel things! But, remote work and flexible schedules are amazing options for many working mothers because you can earn a great income while getting back some time in your day for family, doing work you love, and building your career.

Sample Flexible Job Postings

Want to get a sneak peek at the job postings you’ll find within FlexJobs? Check out the job categories below.

Then head over to the site to browse the postings in more detail. You won’t be able to see the company names for each job before signing up, but you can check out job descriptions, employer types, and details around job type and schedule which is really helpful.

If you want to get more details about these postings or apply, try a one-week trial that starts at just $6.95 for the week or sign up for a longer plan which saves you money in the long run (check out the plan options below).

Start Searching for Flexible and At Home Jobs for Moms

Convinced that an at-home job or a job with a flexible schedule is the right next step for you as a working mom? Let’s get you signed up!

Getting Started

Click the orange Sign Up button and enter in your name and email address. Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

Choose Your Plan

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose your plan with savings per week increasing as your subscription length increases.

You’ll notice three months is noted as the most popular option which makes perfect sense to me because the average job search takes three months. Of course, we would all love it to be shorter than that, but building connections, applying, and interviewing takes time.

Fill Out Your Profile

Next, make sure you fill out your profile. Check out what type of job schedule and flexibility you are looking for and the job categories you are interested in. That way you’ll see recommended jobs that match your criteria.

Then add a two to three-sentence summary about your background. (You can find tips on what to include right here).

Last, upload your resume or import information from LinkedIn to complete your profile. Now employers can search for you while you search for them, and for job applications that are submitted directly through FlexJobs, you can use your already filled out profile. Tada!

Search for At-Home Jobs for Moms

With your preferences filled out, new jobs will get pushed to your Dashboard and you can go over to the Find Jobs tab to do some browsing. Flexible and at-home jobs for moms await!

How to find at home jobs for moms - FlexJobs dashboard

Key Takeaways about FlexJobs for Moms

There’s a ton of content in this FlexJobs post so let’s break down the key takeaways.

  • Flexible and at-home jobs for moms are out there – you just need to know where to look to save yourself time. FlexJobs is that place.
  • FlexJobs is a subscription job search site, but the investment is less than your Netflix bill so it’s totally worth it. Remember in addition to a ton of jobs there also other career resources and discounts.
  • Search for jobs AND let employers find you using the FlexJobs platform.

Happy job searching!

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