5 Fun Baby Shower Games That Pair Well With Mimosas

Inside: Looking for baby shower games that will keep your guests laughing? You’ve found them!

“I’m going to a baby shower today.” – Me
“What’s the baby’s name?” – Jack
“I don’t know she hasn’t been born yet.” – Me
“So why does she need to take a shower?” – Jack
“Well, they just call it that. We are showering her with gifts.
But before she is born. So we give the gifts to her Mommy.” – Me
“So it’s Christmas. For the Mommy.” – Jack

Well… yeah.

Plus there are baby shower games sometimes. Usually lunch and some mid-afternoon booze. Pretty nice little Saturday actually.

Get Your Head In the Game

Speaking of baby shower games, while I have never experienced this in real life, I’ve heard that one game is to mush candy bars into a diaper and try to guess what kind of candy bar it is… By smelling or licking a diaper… I am so fundamentally against everything this game has to offer. Why are we wasting candy bars?

But there are some baby shower activities that I enjoy. Here’s a round up for your next baby shower hosting adventure. Don’t do them all though. That would be aggressive and leave far too little time for mimosas.

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5 fun baby shower games

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo is my favorite baby shower game because you get to watch a room full of women get super intense about diaper pails.

“Is that a diaper pail? All I need to get Bingo is diaper pail.”
“Linda, that’s a hamper and you know it.”
“You don’t know where she’s going to put the dirty diapers, Diane. You don’t know her life!”

Baby Shower Bingo is regular bingo but you put the names of gifts in the squares instead of numbers. When the Mama to be opens a gift that you have on your bingo card, you mark it off. 5 in a row wins.

Onesie Decorating

Babies wear 1 million onesies. Sometimes for layering purposes. Sometimes because it’s summer and pants are overrated. Sometimes because you need to send some spare clothes to daycare on sensory exploration painting day. In any case, you’ll need onesies. Why not make them whimsical onesies?

At my baby shower a few trips around the sun ago, we bought a bunch of white onesies in a range of sizes, fabric markers, and stencils. The result was magical. There were math themed onesies, beloved children’s book themed onesies, lullaby onesies, and one that said “Don’t Worry Be Yonce.” Both of my kids wore that one often.

Play-Doh Baby

The shower I attended recently brings us a couple new games that I particularly enjoyed because Merm and I each won one of them. #InItToWinIt #TakeNoPrisoners #EasyThereKiller.

Play-Doh Baby was simple. You get a cupcake liner and you write your name on the bottom in Sharpie. Then you get a ball of Play-Doh that you form into a baby. Most adorable baby as judged by the Mama to Be wins. No where in the rules did it say that you couldn’t trade for little bits of other colors so I hit the black market for some yellow and green to compliment my purple baby. She had a diaper, a pacifier and a bow in her hair. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was kind of creepily staring at the baby in the room so that I could make the pacifier look realistic. Wasn’t even a contest.

Diaper Jokes

I would have really enjoyed winning this one, and the pressure was kind of on actually because the Mama to be had just told the rest of the room about my blog… but alas, Merm took Diaper Jokes home.

In this game you each get a diaper and a Sharpie. On the back of the diaper you are supposed to write something either encouraging or funny to help the new Mom and Dad get through their one trillionth middle of the night diaper change.

I wrote “Party, 2am, my crib. BYOMilk.” It got some laughs, but didn’t bring the house down. Other fan favorites included various riffs on “Oops I Did It Again” and “Shit Happens.” Merm won by suggesting that this diaper change belonged to Dad and that Mama should go back to sleep. There’s no beating sleep.

The Bump Whisperer

Okay, I’ve never heard anyone refer to the “guess the baby’s sex, birthdate, name, and size” game as The Bump Whisperer. But they should right? I’ve always enjoyed this one because you see people trying to cheat off eachother as if this is some kind of friendship test.

“Oh you guessed girl? You think so? Maybe I haven’t been paying attention enough to her third-trimester food cravings. What else did you say? Can I borrow a pen real quick?”

You can do this with index cards or buy something cute off of Etsy or Amazon.

That’ll do it. Easy peasy, lemon baby shower activities.

Happy Baby Showering!

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  1. I think the only shower game we played at mine was “guess how big her belly is.” lol. My mom had a bunch of stuff planned but we had it at a candy factory (fitting, right?) that also had a bar so my mom couldn’t wrangle people together to pay attention. I just remember something about waddling with an orange between your knees…

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