13 Back to School Memes That Will (Hopefully) Only Make Sense in 2020

Inside: The funniest back to school memes for parents managing through the chaos that is 2020.

Around this time each year, you usually start to see the funny moms and dad of the internet cracking jokes about how ready they are to send their kids back to school. Summer with kids is a blast, but it’s also exhausting! So, packing up those little backpacks for a day of quiet for you and learning for them sounds pretty good come September.

But this is not in any way a normal summer, a normal back to school, or a normal year. I don’t need to tell you that. There were UFO sightings earlier this year and no one cared. That’s how weird 2020 is!

Because of the weirdness, this post is not going to be a timeless treasure that will get shared year after year. Hopefully. Instead, it’s a tribute to all of the parents out there making the best of this terrible no good situation and hanging onto their sense of humor.

Need a laugh as you think about the most confusing fall there ever was? These back to school memes have you covered.

The Funniest Back to School Memes for 2020: Because If We Don’t Laugh We’ll Cry

These Poor Unfortunate Souls

Remote, hybrid, in-person, home school, private school, neighborhood pods? Here goes nothing!

Back to School Mood

That’s a terrible idea. That’s also a terrible idea. More terrible ideas!

Kristen Wiig school meme

That will be $200 please.

Maybe the silver lining is all the money we will be saving on photos? That we can then spend on more snacks…

school picture 2020 meme

Whoop, There It Goes

Distance learning is for the birds.

Some Back to School Meme Pandemic Poetry

There are no good ideas.

I’m Sorry. So Sorry.

Kids + Zoom = Disaster. Hallmark, get on this. Please and thank you.

It’s Fine. Everything is Fine…

In 2020 I find myself often asking “what would Leslie Knope do?”

Everything is awful.

But at least we have Kristen Wiig, a national treasure.

Oh, we weren’t supposed to do that?

Head over the hardware store. Get that kid a key! Oh, and remember to wear your mask.

Parents of the 90s reaction meme

Be Good. Don’t Forget Your AARP Card.

They grow up so fast…

This is totally under control.

Chapter 7: Breathing into a paper bag.

What’s Up, Doc?

Do we just pick it up at CVS or…?

Hard to choose.

In all seriousness though, thank you to all the administrators, committee members, and teachers busting their butts to figure this out right now. “Global pandemic planning” was never in your job descriptions and you’re doing amazing.

I know back to school memes can’t cure the back to school blues in 2020, but a few laughs can’t hurt right? Hang in there moms and dads. We’ll make it through this.


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