Behind the scenes of a professional family photo shoot - the funny, the helpful, the beautiful. #familyphotos

Behind The Scenes of Professional Family Photos: The Funny, The Dangerous & The Beautiful

You know when you’re scrolling through Facebook and you come across someone’s beautiful professional family photos? The ones in which the whole family looks like super models made babies with angels and then each family member was given a candle to light their very soul from within?

I really wanted my Home Team to have pictures like that. 

Thanks to Boston family and newborn photographer, Lyndsay Hannah Photography, dreams came true.

Team Photo Time

Ever since Norah was born and our family unit became a Party of 4, I have been talking to Glen about getting professional family photos.

We take a lot of pictures in the yard and on vacation. We pose for pictures at other people’s weddings with mixed levels of individual enthusiasm because “You guys! We’re all so fancy right now! I’m not letting these ironed pants go to waste!” But I really wanted to have professional photos taken, because well, they are just WAY better.

I didn’t just want to have any photographer either, I desperately wanted to take pictures with Lyndsay from Lyndsay Hannah Photography. She had taken those model/angel/candle pictures of friends of mine and I had ogled her photos on Instagram for many, many moons. But life kept getting in the way. Ahh, someday…

Then recently Lyndsay emailed me about partnering up with her to take new headshots and family photos for my blog. She had one opening on her calendar in September and she could squeeze us in. 

Exuberant YES! 

We were actually going to make it happen! Now I get to bring you on a behind the scenes tour of said photos and share some many all of our favorites.

Lyndsay Hannah Photography - Boston Family Photographer
Norah tells good jokes.

Picking the Uniforms

First stop of our behind the scenes look at this family photoshoot is wardrobe.

My usual “outfit” consists of gym shorts and a tank top, or the same dress I have been wearing to work for the past four years. Depending on the season, with or without fleece tights.

The only other clothes I have that might be photo-worthy are all wildly printed maxi dresses that I completely stand behind as fashion choices, but which don’t make for very neutral model/angel/candle face pictures.

So I set to work over-analyzing every combination of clothing my family owned. Through this process, I quickly realized that given how much thought I had put into doing family pictures, I really should have, you know, put more actual thought into it. I had no idea what I was doing.

Luckily, Lyndsay did put a lot of actual thought into this and offers her clients “what to wear” instructions. Neutrals, jewel tones, layers, not whole family matchy-matchy – got it!

Except really only Glen had it. Because the rest of us are really into neon I guess. Fortunately, Burlington Coat Factory and my mom’s closet had it though. Wardrobe – assembled!

Family Photo Outfits - Lyndsay Hannah Photography Boston Family Photographer
I chose this picture as a favorite for how well it represents our family. And for my Michelle Obama arm.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

What would have been entertaining are photographs of my family trying to get out of the house in order to take family photographs.

We started preparing to leave three hours before the photoshoot, which was 15 minutes from our house. Honestly, we could have used another 45 minutes.

During this three hours, we attempted to feed the kids an early dinner, shower, brush the pizza out of everyone’s teeth, brush three years of knots out of my hair, play “keep the lipstick away from Jack” and manage Norah’s mild shoe obsession.

She tried on no fewer than five pairs in order to decide which ones she was going to wear even though shoes has been specifically purchased for this occasion. Through a masterful display of reasoning, reverse psychology, and the economics of scarcity, she ended up wearing the shoes we bought.

I also knew that it was a good idea to bring some bribes snacks bribes.

My kids are three and two… they are sweet and precious and funny, but also total wildcards. So during our prep time I stocked my bag with the least leaky water bottles, baby wipes, tissues, a prewritten apology note to Lyndsay, and the cleanest most appealing snacks I could find.

There were some raisins and some minimally flavored baby Goldfish, but the real winner was the fruit snacks. Lyndsay is a mom of young kids and a professional photographer, and this was her snack recommendation. Bribe worthy with minimal mess. She’s good…

Kids Running Lyndsay Hannah Family Photographer
Adorable… until it really, really wasn’t. We should have brought helmets.

Family Photo Touchdown

When we arrived at the Acton Arboretum, I successfully got the kids out of the car while keeping my white pants clean, like a dang magician. Then Lyndsay took it from there.

She successfully maneuvered my crew through various photo-friendly backdrops, kept the kids laughing, convinced Glen to take a photo with just me as if we like each other or something, and Jack even got to take a few photos which he was very psyched about. Apparently a professional camera is a lot cooler than my iPhone.

We were all super comfortable throughout the whole process as she snapped away and laughed at my family’s patented brand of love fueled football/wrestling style aggression. Running hugs turned into running tackles. Tickles turned into face mashes. But Lyndsay rolled with it and got some of the best shots when we were too busy laughing or defending ourselves to remember there was a camera there.

Even when Jack took the game a bit too far and sacked Norah behind the line of scrimmage, Lyndsay kept her cool. (Glen and I threw many yellow flags on the play.) She wisely wrapped up the session shortly thereafter, but not before magically convincing Norah to trust Jack again to get this picture.

Lyndsay Hannah Photography Family Photos Kids

Going Into Overtime

Turns out this blog post is going to be a two part series because I want you all to hear from Lyndsay directly too. She’s a mom, wife, and business owner who is totally thriving in her career sweet spot. So stay tuned for later this week when Lyndsay spills about her photography philosophy, parenting, and doing what she loves! And there will be more pictures, because I can’t help myself.

Don’t want to wait? Get in touch with Lyndsay today about photographing your family or your baby to be. She books up fast, and dang… she’s good.

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