How to Publish Articles Online: 10 Best Parenting Websites Accepting Submissions

Inside: Curious about how to publish articles online about your parenthood journey? Other parents need to hear your story – share them on these websites below. Paid and unpaid opportunities.

There are so many blogs about parenting out there with stories to tell, and they are popular because people want to hear others’ stories. They are inspiring, and comforting, and relatable. Our brains react to story, we need story!

Do you have a story to share too?

Have you thought about starting a parenting blog but it seems like a big commitment?

Do you really love to write and share your experience about #momlife to help others, but the idea of setting up a website is scary?

You’re in the right spot because after many rejection letters and many searches of my own, I now have articles published online at the top parenting websites and I want to help you do the same.

Getting Started with Publishing Parenting Articles Online

I began my blog in 2017, focusing on parenthood and funny stories from my childhood. That blog has since evolved to incorporate more of my professional know-how as a career coach and I now write combining parenting humor with career development. I even published a book about it! It’s such a fun combination!

But sometimes I want to write something that tells a story outside of the main topics of my blog. And other times I want to share a story from this blog with a broader audience. Writing for other websites helps you do just that. Now my writing is featured not just here on With Love, Becca but also on Scary Mommy, Her View from Home, Motherly, TODAY Parents, and more.

I had PLENTY of rejections from these websites before I started hearing yes though and I wish I had this guide for publishing articles about parenthood online back when I was getting started. Publishing articles on other sites is amazing for exposing your writing to another audience, earning credibility as a writer, and getting backlinks back to your own blog. Plus you can even make money as a freelance writer with some of these sites. Huge wins all around! You just need to know how to do it.

To get started, check out these blogs about parenting listed below where you can submit and publish your articles online. You will also find links with instructions on writing submissions, how to submit, sample submissions, and word count requirements.

How to become a parenting writer

Open Article Submission Parenting Websites – Unpaid

TODAY Parents

Today Parents Contributor

What do you, Savannah Guthrie, and Hoda Kotb have in common? You’re all on the TODAY Show!

Or you could be!

TODAY Parents has a group blog that accepts open submissions for their featured challenges, like “Why I Love My Mom Bod” or “Bullying Hurts,” or in their Open Discussions section where any topic is fair game.

If the TODAY editors are into your your post you might find it on the TODAY Parents Facebook page, or even shared on the main TODAY Show website!

How to Publish: Learn more on how to write for TODAY Parents. Then keep an eye on the TODAY social channels to see if you are featured!

Sample Post: “When It is More Than Selling a Chair, It is Learning to Let Go”

Word Count: No requirement, but posts generally range from 350 to 900 words.



You’re already on Facebook posting pictures of your kids being awesome, write some words on there too!

Facebook is where I really got started with writing as I shared funny stuff my kids said and random commuting thoughts. It’s not a straight up parenting website, but as the first users of the site are now in their mid-30s, it makes a lot of sense that it is a baby announcement/back to school picture palooza!

Writing on Facebook can be as simple as updating your status with a longer post, or you can take it to the next level by starting a free Facebook page for your writing.

Head over to Instagram too. Same jam!

How to Publish: Set up an account and get to writing! If you want to set up a Facebook page, go here.

Sample Post: “Turning Burnt Toast into Frozen Yogurt”

Word Count: Facebook isn’t going to cut you off with a character limit like Instagram does, but normally a good “micro” post on here is around 300 words.



Medium offers writers a platform to share their thoughts about a wide range of topics from technology, to politics, to fashion. And yes, even parenting!

Free to join and free to post, you can set up your Medium account to curate articles for you based on your interests and then post your own.

How to Publish: Learn more on how to write for Medium.

Sample Post: “Why You Should Stop Asking for Parenting Advice on Facebook”

Word Count: There are no word requirement for Medium posts but posts that do well on the platform, meaning they get a lot of eyeballs and shares, are generally 6-7 minute reads which is around 1,600 words.

Parenting Websites Accepting Writing Submissions – Unpaid

Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy

If you have been on the internet in the last decade and you have kids, then it is highly likely you have read an article or laughed at a meme from Scary Mommy.

Scary Mommy has a team of staff writers but they also accept guest posts. They have a huge platform that reaches millions of parents, offering support, helping parents feel less alone, and yes, sharing some much needed laughs.

How to Publish: Learn more on how to write for Scary Mommy.

Sample Post: “For A Brief Window In Time, We Were A Family Of 3”

Word Count: Around 900 words

Erma Bombeck’s Writers Workshop

Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop

Erma Bombeck is the godmother of parenting humor. Shuffle through your mom’s bookshelf and you’re sure to find one of her many gems.

The Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop celebrates Erma’s legacy by supporting humor writers through their blog, writing competitions, writing/publishing advice, and the annual workshop. They hold a special place in my heart because they were the first site to publish one of my stories.

You’ll find the articles on here are not all parenting related, but given Erma’s whole jam it’s a great place to share your humorous parenting writing.

How to Publish: Learn more about writing for Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop.

Sample Post: “The Tale of Elliptical Hill”

Word Count: 400 – 600 words

The Mighty

The Mighty

The Mighty is an online community for people facing health challenges and those that care for them. They cover disability, chronic illness, cancer, mental health, rare diseases, and parenting across all manners of health challenges.

There are two ways to be featured on The Mighty. One is through open submission in their Thoughts or Questions category. The other is through The Mighty Stories which are submitted to editors for review, selection, copy writing, and publication.

How to Publish: Learn more about how to write for The Mighty.

Sample Post: “Why Inclusion Role Models Matter for Young People With Down Syndrome”

Word Count: 400 – 800 words

Parenting Websites Accepting Submissions – Paid

Her View From Home

Her View From Home

The women over at Her View From Home are some of the most genuine caring and talented writers on the planet.

The site is motherhood and faith based, but you don’t need to write about faith to fit in here. What you do need to do is write from the heart and craft your story in a way that can positively impact others. That’s a pretty beautiful directive, eh?

How to Publish: Learn more on how to write for Her View from Home.

Word Count: 700 – 900 words

Sample Post: “Moms Fix Things”

Compensation: Based on page views.



Motherly is another huge name in the parenting writing world accepting your submissions.

The posts on Motherly are geared towards millennial women journeying through motherhood. They are all about empowerment, inspiration, and support, and expert advice. If you want to share your story, or become an expert contributor they are all ears!

How to Publish: Learn more how to write for Motherly.

Word Count: 700 – 900 words.

Sample Post: “How My 2 Year Old Taught Me About Bravery”

Compensation: Your first couple posts on Motherly are unpaid, but if you successfully publish two articles then you’ll receive $50 compensation for subsequent pieces.

Sammiches & Psych Meds/Mock Mom

Sammiches & Psych Meds Mock Mom

Sammiches & Psych Meds and Mom Mock are sister sites that are both laugh out loud hilarious. If you’re a parenting humor writing, check these ones out for sure.

SPM covers some serious topics and the new and newsworthy, but they also really double down on sharing the funny side of parenting including great Twitter roundups.

MockMom is a satire site for parenting. Think posts like The Onion, but focused on the ridiculous adventures of parenthood.

How to Publish: Learn more on writing for SPM and MockMom.

Word Count: 500 – 100 words (MockMom can be shorter, but at least 150 words)

Sample Post: “Mom Finally Makes Silent Escape from Sleeping Child’s Room”

Compensation: Based on page views.

Filter Free Parents

Parenthood is a lot more fun when you’re on the ride with other parents who are dropping the pretenses and telling it like it is. That’s what you’ll find on Filter Free Parents.

Created by the founder of That’s Inappropriate and the Take it or Leave It Podcast, Filter Free Parents brings humor, edge, and lots of feeling. Pieces on motherhood, relationships, health & wellness all find a home here.

How to Publish: Learn more on writing for Filter Free Parents.

Word Count: Not set requirement, but posts are generally 700 – 900 words.

Sample Post: “To Those Suffering with Infertility, I Still See You”

Compensation: $20 for original posts

The best parenting blogs accepting writing submissions

I hope this how-to guide for publishing articles online on the top parenting websites will be helpful for you in your writing journey! They are constantly accepting writing submissions and we all want to hear from you!

Then once your work is out there in the world please come back and leave a link. One beautiful part of the parenting writing community is all the support you’re going to find from other writers cheering you on. Myself included!

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