As a mom, a parenting humor blogger, and a career coach, I often hear people talk about balance in their lives and careers. But is it really about balance? Instead I view our lives and careers as an ongoing process of swiveling.

We swivel towards where we focus our energy. We swivel when life happens. We swivel when we feel the urge to do something different. Our sense of self and our values remain constant, but we can make small changes, and change course, and change our minds throughout our lives to make sure we are doing the most of what we love. We just need to give ourselves permission to do that.

Yet all too often we feel stuck. Like we already made all of our decisions because of the major we chose, the career path we decided on when we were 22, the fact that we are parents now, or the overwhelming busyness of our lives. There are outside pressures and internal struggles. It’s hard, but it helps to have others on your team.

That’s why I created Your Swivel Story. It is a career development Facbook group designed to support you in that “what do I want to be when I grow up” process. In the group there are interactive career development exercises, blog posts about people who have swiveled in their career and life, and resources to help you explore your options and tell your story. We also do some laughing up in there because life and career can be funny. And personally, I don’t think I want or need to separate my funny mom side from my career development side. We are all multifaceted and should embrace that.

Interested? I’d love for you to join us. One of the best places to start is by completing the 100 Jobs Exercise. Do it on your own and then bring your 12 jobs to the group for some feedback. We would love to support you!

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With a swivel in my step,