4 Tips & Tricks from a Work From Home Mom & Entrepreneur

Two years ago I had lunch with my good friend and former roommate, Amanda Grazioli. As we devoured some really killer pizza, she let me know that she was leaving her job at a nonprofit and starting her own company. At the time I was completely dumbfounded. Wait a gosh darn second… we can do…

Passions, Pottery, and the Pursuit of Progress: Q&A with Foster & Feed Owner Melissa Alkire

Earlier this year I put out a survey for readers about career development topics they would like to read about. One topic that came through loud and clear was “finding your passion.” This made a lot of sense to me because a lot of us are in an age and stage where the responsibilities on…

Turning Your Hobby Into a Business: The Birth of Lyndsay Hannah Photography

Earlier this week we did a behind the scenes look at our professional family photo shoot with Lyndsay Hannah Photography. We had a blast, my family was ridiculous, and the photos? Stop it. 😍 So what was originally going to be one blog post is turning into Lyndsay appreciation week here. Because she’s that good….