How to Get Career Counseling Online on Your Time

How to Get Career Counseling Online on Your Time

Inside: Career Counseling online can make a huge difference in your job search and in finding more happiness in your current role. Here’s how mid-career parents can take advantage of it on your schedule! As parents we often hear a some common refrains: “Sleep when the baby sleeps.“ “Enjoy them while they are little!“ “But,…

How to Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn (Without It Being a HUGE Waste of Time)

Inside: You can apply for jobs on LinkedIn all day and get nowhere – or you can adjust your approach to make the most of your time. Try these 5 tips from a career coach to get your job search moving. AT LEAST once a week, someone asks me “Should I even bother applying to…

Ready to Launch a FAST Job Search as a Busy Parent? Start Here!

Inside: A fast job search that lands you in a fulfilling job you love without giving up the flexibility you need – that’s the dream right? Let’s get there together. Audio/Visual learning? Head here for the free video training. Picture this: It’s Monday morning. You’re hustling the kids off to school with library books, sneakers…

How to Protect Yourself as a Gig Worker

Inside: The Gig Economy has changed the way people work, and with those changes come new considerations when protecting yourself personally, professionally, and financially. Guest Post from Sara Carter from By the very definition of the word “gig economy,” individuals working multiple short-term contract positions have a number of things to balance every day….