The Hocus Pocus Memes Parents Need This October

The Hocus Pocus Memes Parents Need This October

Inside: Hocus Pocus memes that will have 90’s kids raising kids laughing out loud! It’s time, sisters! October is here and it’s time to get our Halloween on. That means candy, children changing their minds about costumes, and Hocus Pocus. But (insert shriek of horror here), my husband has never seen this film. He didn’t…

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I Brushed My Hair Today: A Mom Journal for Mostly Together Moms – Book Review

You guys! I brushed my hair today. And I have to tell you, these shiny untangled locks look fierce. Or at least they will for about 12 more seconds until one of my kids gets syrup it them. But that’s motherhood right? It’s sticky, sweet, messy, and very funny if we let it be. That’s…

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Some Whine with Those Cheez-Its: Q&A with Writer Rachel Sobel

Are your kids complaining about the grave injustice that is not being able to have a third lollipop today? Ask them if they want some cheese with that whine. Ba dum tssss. Parenting joke! Want more parenting jokes with a dash of sass, some hip hop beats, a bathtub full of Cheez-Its, and a sippy…