The Fun and Educational Podcasts for Kids Your Kids Will Love

The Fun and Educational Podcasts for Kids Your Kids Will Love

Inside: Fun and educational podcasts for kids have been a huge hit around our house to keep the little ones entertained, and to let the grown-ups get some work done remotely. Here are some favorites! Let’s set the scene here. It’s February 2021. Your family has been together constantly for nearly a year. Work is…

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How to Define Success: A Lesson from My 90-Year-Old Grandmother

Inside: A lesson in how to define success on your own terms from Oma. “I never liked raising my hand in school.” – Oma “Why not?” – Me (the type A school nerd who always had her hand in the air) “Because I knew the answer. That was what mattered. Why did I need to…


Trick or Treating is Canceled – Here’s How We’re Doing Halloween This Year Instead

Inside: Trick or treating is canceled in our town this year so we need to get a little creative to make this holiday special. You too? Here’s how we’re doing Halloween this year to give you some ideas! I was holding my breath for this one, keeping tabs on the parent Facebook pages, checking the…

5 Fun Card Games for Kindergarteners (And Adults) Under $15

Inside: Fun card games for kindergarteners great for stocking stuffers and travel. All of these games are under $15, store easily, and plus they are fun for adults too! As I was doing self-assessment exercises to figure out a vision for my work life as a working mom, I realized something. I’m competitive. Very competitive….

Dear Kindergarten Teacher: No Matter What, These Kids Will Love You

Inside: An ode to the Class of 2033 and their kindergarten teachers. (Featured on TODAY Parents and Scary Mommy.) Dear Kindergarten Teacher, I don’t know who you are yet or when we’ll get to meet you. I don’t know if you are a mom or dad worried about how this school year is going to…