ChatGPT Resume Writing: How to Do it Right!

Inside: ChatGPT resume writing seems like a great idea, right? But how can you use this powerful tool correctly to stand out in your job search? Learn more here!

Resume writing is usually VERY far down the list on people’s favorite activities. It’s hard to write about your experience and tell your own story in bullet point format, let alone do that in a way that is optimized for a recruiter!

I have some good news for you though. With ChatGPT at your fingertips (yes, even the free version), we can make resume writing a whole lot easier and more impactful! Try using these prompts to take your resume from “Meh” to “We need to meet her!” in way less time!

ChatGPT Resume Writing Format

If you’re staring at blank page, or at an old resume that you haven’t touched in a decade, using ChatGPT can help you kickstart your resume writing process.

Try a prompt like this to ensure that your content appears in a way that works for both the human reader and Applicant Tracking Systems.

“Can you give me a resume template that works well in 2024 with Applicant Tracking Systems?”

You won’t be given a link to a resume template that you can download (though you can get two of those right here!), but ChatGPT will a strong outline of the sections you need and even some sample text that you can copy and paste into a Word Document or Google Doc to get you started.

ChatGPT Resume Writing Research

Now that you have a nice clean template to get things going, don’t start writing just yet! Your ChatGPT resume writing process should now switch over into research mode.

The job posting is your guide to crafting a resume that showcases your skillset and experience to your target employer. Pull up the job description and paste it into ChatGPT with this prompt.

What are the top skills and experiences needed to succeed in this role? (Insert job description here)

You can do this on your own when you read the job description, but ChatGPT is great at summarizing content, so a prompt like this can save you time when deciding which accomplishments and skills to focus on in your resume. Try this with a few different job descriptions for roles you’re interested in to identify themes.

Big Reminder: Your resume is a marketing document. Effective marketing requires a clear target audience. If you don’t have a target role/company/industry in mind, start here!

ChatGPT Resume Writing Content

With specific themes in mind pulled from job descriptions of interest, you can now start building your content. Try using these prompts for your ChatGPT resume writing to make your experience shine!

Here is my existing bullet resume bullet point about a project I worked on, how can I make this stronger? I want to highlight my ability to manage multiple large scale projects? (Insert bullet point here)

With a ChatGPT prompt like this, you have a brainstorming buddy on your side helping you come up with stronger language and structure for your content.

You can also try a prompt like this if you don’t have any bullet points written but you want to get some ideas of how to write up your experience in a way that highlights accomplishments rather than bullet points.

Can you give me 5 examples of strong resume bullet points that would stand out for an employer hiring for this position? (Insert job description here)

Now, of course, you aren’t just going to copy and paste those bullet points into your resume! We need your actual experience! Instead, you are going to use them as examples as you fit in your content.

ChatGPT Resume Review

Are you feeling happy with your new resume but you want a review? ChatGPT can do that for you too!

But before you input any private data into ChatGPT, make sure you go into the Settings (click on your name >> Settings >> Data Control) and toggle the “Improve Model for Everyone” to off. You can also input a copy of your resume with some details redacted.

Now you can use a prompt like this to check to see how effective your resume is.

What suggestions do you have to my strengthen my resume as a candidate for this position? (Input resume and input job description)

With a prompt like this, you can get feedback on keywords and content.

JobScan is another great tool for this same resume review activity!

Happy Resume Writing!

Writing your resume isn’t a job for ChatGPT alone. You need to make sure you’re bringing your own beautiful brain into this work and including accurate information about yourself and your experience.

But ChatGPT sure is a powerful tool to make sure that your resume writing is the best it can be!

Give it a try and report back. Did ChatGPT help you strengthen your resume?

You can also find more uses for ChatGPT in your job search right here!

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