A Very Merry Christmas Movie Bracket: 2020

Inside: The Christmas Movie Bracket we all need for 2020. Fill out your own bracket and play along on Instagram starting December 3, 2020.

It’s been a long 2020.

We’ve quarantined. We’ve homeschooled. We’ve Zoom called. We’ve masked up. We’ve broken down.

And now we’re here, in December.

I think we could all use a little something to celebrate right? That’s why the Very Merry Christmas Movie Bracket game is back for 2020 after a one-year hiatus. Let’s get ready to jingle!

How the Christmas Movie Bracket Works

If you participated in the bracket in 2017 or 2018 you may remember how it goes down but if not I’ll give you the details.

Based on a very scientific process of “naming all the Christmas movies I know and like and then Googling what movies other people like” I selected a list of 32 movies.

In the first round, 32 movies will go head to head on Instagram stories. Facebook doesn’t do polls anymore now I guess? You’re killing me, Mark…

Voting will happen nightly with one matchup each evening starting on December 3rd. (You’ll have a couple of days to fill in your brackets before voting starts.) Then when voting kicks off, the winner of each matchup after 24 hours of online voting moves onto the next round.

How the Christmas Movie Bracket Seeding Works

The field of 32 Christmas Movies have been somewhat randomly placed onto a March Madness-style bracket.

Previous years winners got a 1 seed (Elf and Home Alone) and so did Charlie Brown Christmas and A Christmas Story because they have also traditionally been fan favorites.

Emmet Otter was placed against Die Hard because I think that gives this little gem a chance at moving onto round 2. This placement will either stop my mother from giving me grief about Emmet again or it will cause a family battle when my cousin Kris chimes in. We’ll see how it goes.

Other top fan picks got preferential seeding too and then all other movies were randomly placed and I’ll be honest, I did not double-check my work. If your two favorites are up against eachother in the first round, please don’t egg my home.

A Very Merry Christmas Movie Bracket 2020

The Voting Schedule

When will the Christmas Movie Bracket voting take place? I’m so glad you asked. Here’s the full schedule:

The Mistletoe Region Round 1

  • December 3: 2 Matchups
  • December 4: 2 Matchups

The Gingerbread Region Round 1

  • December 5: 2 Matchups
  • December 6: 2 Matchups

The Candy Cane Region Round 1

  • December 7: 2 Matchups
  • December 8: 2 Matchups

The Eggnog Region Round 1

  • December 9: 2 Matchups
  • December 10: 2 Matchups

Sweet 16

  • December 11: Mistletoe Region
  • December 12: Gingerbread Region
  • December 13: Candy Cane Region
  • December 14: Eggnog Region

Elite 8

  • December 15: Mistletoe and Gingerbread Regions
  • December 16: Candy Cane and Eggnog Regions

Final 4

  • December 18


  • December 20

Are You Ready for Some Very Merry Madness?

Real talk – part of the reason I took a break from the brackets last year was because it doesn’t really fall within my working motherhood blogging niche, like at all.

Usually, we are here talking about working mom hacks, career-building strategies, and entrepreneurship. A lot of humor is thrown in for good measure, and I make a surprising amount of Home Alone references, but we don’t spend a lot of time talking about movies.

But in a year of little fun, I really think we need this, so niches be damned. We’re going bracketing. Looking forward to playing with you!

Remember, you can find the full Christmas movie bracket here and play along on Instagram.

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