13 Funny Cold Weather Memes Parents Will Totally Relate To

You guys…it’s like really cold outside. To warm us up I think we need to laugh, and the perfect way to do that is with funny cold weather memes.

So curl up in one million blankets my fellow cold weather friends, and laugh along with some of the funny moms of the internet. And for all of my very intelligent friends living in warmer climates, do you have a guest room or…?

Funny Cold Weather Memes to Warm Up Your Soul

Hang in there, Captain.

Saving the environment, one sleeve at a time.

January – March really

Hibernation sounds lovely.

It’s like really cold out here.

Read between cold weather meme lines.

The choice is yours.

I can see my breath in here, but sure, it’s fine.

How about we watch a show?

It’s just that the cold takes away my ability to be kind and reasonable.

Find it on Etsy!

One redeeming quality of winter.

If you need me I’ll be here forever

Winter Me Does Not Have Time for That

Stay warm out there everyone. And if you can’t stay warm, at least bookmark this page for some funny winter meme laughs. Laughter even burns calories so you’re exercising under blankets. That’s a win!

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