Here’s What Your Encanto Character Says About Your Career

Inside: What does your Encanto character personality match say about your career? Find out with advice from an Encanto-loving mom and career coach.

If you have young kids at home, you’ve seen Encanto.

Scratch that. If you have young kids at home you’ve seen Encanto at least 5 times and have the soundtrack memorized.

You know we don’t talk about Bruno.

You feel the pressure like a grip, grip, grip and it won’t let go.

And you totally resonate with AT LEAST one member of the family Madrigal.

So what does your Encanto character of choice tell you about your career?

Take the Buzzfeed Encanto personality quiz, because of course there’s a Buzzfeed quiz, then come back with your Encanto character match and see your personalized career advice!

Your Encanto Character Career Advice


If you’re a Mirabel, you may be feeling insecure about what talents and skills you bring to the workplace.

Grab this list of 48 transferable skills (including Mirabel’s beautiful gift of empathy) to remind yourself of how much you have to offer!


If you’re an Isabela, you may be suffering from a bit of perfectionist procrastinator syndrome.

Those two go together because when you’re worried everything has to be perfect, you’ll never really go for it and try something new. Remember that done is better than perfect because you learn from done! And if you never put your authentic self out there, no one else will get to benefit from what you have to give.


If you’re a Luisa, you’re shouldering the burden at home and work and missing out on joy.

Lots of moms are feeling big Luisa energy right now because (gestures around to life.) But you need to delegate at work, ask for help, ACCEPT help, and know that it’s okay to put one of the many balls you’re juggling down for your own mental health.

Grab some of my favorite working mom hacks here to take some of that pressure off.


If you’re a Bruno, you might be feeling like lately you can’t do anything right and you just want to hide.

Try this to boost your confidence. Create a “Rock Star” folder in your inbox. When you get complimented on your work, save a copy of that email. Then go back and read those messages when you need a boost.

PS. I bet if you search your inbox you’ll find some messages to add right away!


If you’re an Antonio, you might be feeling nervous about what lays ahead as you embark on a big change or take a big risk.

I know this is going to sound counterintuitive, but picture the worst-case scenario if you make this change and it doesn’t work out. Sometimes when you break it down, you’ll realize the potential reward far outweighs the risk, and honestly, the worst-case scenario isn’t all that scary. Read more on that here.


If you’re a Pepa, you’re ALL up in your feelings and maybe that’s making you play the blame game in your career.

Take a breath and figure out what you can control. In a tricky conversation with your boss, you can’t control how she reacts, but you can control how you prepare for the meeting. In a job search, you can’t control how many roles are posted, but you can control your networking. Here’s how to do that!


If you’re a Camilo, you’re wearing a lot of different hats and while it might be stressful to some, you love the variety.

Wanting variety in your career doesn’t make you scattered, it means you are highly creative and thrive when faced with new challenges. Embrace that and don’t worry about the “job-hopping” stigma. That’s gone! Or maybe it’s time to start a side hustle.


If you’re a Dolores, you’re feeling like you fly way under the radar in your career and it’s starting to get you down.

So, dear Dolores, advocate for yourself! Raise your hand for new projects, apply for the promotion, share your accomplishments with your manager. Make them see you.


If you’re a Julieta, you have a big heart with a natural instinct to heal and protect.

Are you using those skills in your career? If not and you’re feeling like something is missing at work, maybe you need a more mission-driven organization or role that connects with your values. More on that here!


If you’re an Abuela, you’re running the ship and keeping everyone in line.

Being the boss can be great, but if your people are the most important asset to your business, make sure they feel valued and appreciated. Otherwise, the Great Resignation will be scooping up your folks left and right!

Need More Career Help?

I have a whole post on how to answer the big “tell me about yourself” interview question that uses examples from Frozen. Head over there for more Disney vibes!

And if you’re stressing about how to start looking for a new job – I have you covered.

Check out the free training – How to Land a Fulfilling Job You Love Without Giving Up the Flexibility You Need.

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