Free Enneagram Test (And 4 More Free Personality Tests) To Find Your Career Superpowers

Inside: Free Enneagram test and 4 more free personality tests that each take fifteen minutes or less (including a Myers Briggs assessment). Use these personality tests to help you move your career forward.

Wondering how you can tap into the awesome of your natural personality to move your career forward? These 5 free personality tests can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

And it’s worth mentioning again, they are totally free!

5 Free Personality Tests. Yellow light bulb made from yarn.

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TypeFinder is based on Myers-Briggs so if you are looking to do a Myers-Briggs style assessment for free, you’ve found it!

You can pay for your full personality report, but you don’t have to. TypeFinder will show you your breakdown of Introversion vs. Extroversion, Intuition vs. Sensing, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Perceiving vs. Judging for free.

This personality test takes about fifteen minutes to complete. It will prompt you with a series of statements to which you answer how accurately or inaccurately that statement describes you.

Statements include things like “I make big decisions based on gut feeling” (That’ll be a yes from me) and “I avoid being alone” (Negative, Ghost Rider.)

This will help you to identify your key drivers and values, which are both important for finding jobs that will keep you engaged and inspired. Understanding your personality type is also great for identifying what type of company culture works well for you.

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

I’m an ENFJ, but a very much on the line of E/I. Because of this, I identify A LOT with Introvert concerns about networking. You too? Read more about networking for introverts!

Four Tendencies

Four Tendencies is from the author, Gretchen Rubin, best known for her book The Happiness Project. She also hosts a great podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

The Four Tendencies model came from her work learning how people respond to expectations and why. She identified that there are four different ways people generally respond to internal or external expectations and categorized them as Upholder (that’s me!), Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel.

The Four Tendencies free personality test takes about ten minutes to complete and is based on scenarios instead of statements like some of the other tests. For example, the very first question is “Have you kept a New Year’s resolution where you weren’t accountable to anyone—a resolution like drinking more water or keeping a journal?” You are then prompted with four different answer choices, not a simple yes, no.

This assessment can be really great if you want to make a change, and need to set some goals to get there, but aren’t sure what will help you achieve those goals. Understanding if you need accountability or personal deadlines can keep you moving forward.

Enneagram Personality Test

Here’s that free Enneagram test!

I had been seeing memes all over the place that referenced Enneagram Types. So given my love for a good meme AND a good free personality test, I was all in.

Enneagram is designed to help you identify what motivates you and how our emotions impact our lives. There are nine different Enneagram personality types, labeled neatly 1 through 9.

The assessment takes about ten minutes to complete. Similar to other free personality tests, you’ll be given a list of statements and you need to respond to how well that statement fits your personality.

For example, there is a statement that says “I feel my emotions very deeply” to which you would reply somewhere on the scale of Inaccurate to Accurate with Neutral right smack in the middle.

The creative in me really like the pretty chart you get at the end of this one.

But the career coach in me also enjoys the breakdown of the types and the percentages of how much you align with each.

For example, my dominant type is a 3 which is The Achiever. This is right in line with my StrengthsFinder assessment, and a good reminder that in order to feel motivated in my work I need to be constantly working towards goals. But 2, the Giver, is also high on my list. This means my goals also should be aligned to helping others. Noted!

Figure out your personality superpowers with this free enneagram test, and how to squeeze all of the potential out of them!

Do It Scared Assessment – Fear Archetype

The Do It Scared Assessment from Ruth Soukup of the Do It Scared book and podcast is a great assessment for career development, particularly if you are feeling stuck.

This free personality test helps you to identify how fear is playing a role in your life. Pinpointing your Fear Archetype allows you to understand why you’re stuck so you can take action to move past your fear.

When you take this assessment, you’ll be agreeing or disagreeing, on a scale, with a series of statements. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The seven archetypes are:

  1. The Procrastinator
  2. The Rule Follower
  3. The People Pleaser
  4. The Outcast
  5. The Self-Doubter
  6. The Excuse Maker
  7. The Pessimist

It’s not all negative Nancy though. With each of these fear archetypes there is something really great in your personality that you should be aware of and continue to maximize to see results in your career.

Rebel Assessment

I have a huge person crush on Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School professor and author. Her book, Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life is one of my all-time favorites.

Rebel Talent
Find it on Amazon.

Francesca’s research focused on how individuals and companies have found success by doing things differently. I particularly love this sentiment in the book: Think about what you could do instead of what you should do.

So naturally, the Rebel Assessment based on Rebel Talent is one of my favorite free personality tests for your career. If you’ve been stuck in the “shoulds” in your career and need to shake things up, the Rebel Assessment can help you identify your inner rebel and make some moves.

The assessment has 30 questions and you choose between two statements, identifying which behavior is more like you. It will take you about ten minutes to complete.

Interestingly, the two statements are not opposites of one another, or even really related at all. But the test evaluates how often you were drawn to certain types of behaviors overall.

The Rebel Types are The Traveler, The Climber, The Pirate, and The Guard. They are mapped out on a two by two chart which ranks your resistance to external pressures and resistance to internal pressures. They are inherent talents within each type, and ways to develop that talent within your work.

Alright, time to go get to know yourself!

Did you go for the free Enneagram test? How about one of the other free personality tests? Which was your favorite and what you learned about yourself?

And if you have your results but are feeling stuck on where to go from here, let’s talk!

Schedule your free fifteen-minute coaching consultation call.

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