The Fun and Educational Podcasts for Kids Your Kids Will Love

Inside: Fun and educational podcasts for kids have been a huge hit around our house to keep the little ones entertained, and to let the grown-ups get some work done remotely. Here are some favorites!

Let’s set the scene here.

It’s February 2021. Your family has been together constantly for nearly a year. Work is home, home is work, and oh right, you’re also managing remote school. On top of this, despite all this togetherness your kids still have things they want to talk about. Like all the time.

Now of course there is a lot to be grateful for. Health, family time, jobs. But it’s also okay to admit that this is hard and you’re missing the village that it takes to raise a child. Working moms and dads, actually ALL parents, need a little break and I might have something that will help.

Kids podcasts!

fun and educational podcasts for kids - 5 top picks

Fun & Educational Podcasts for Kids

A podcast can’t help your kid with his or her homework, but they certainly can keep them entertained and off a screen.

And actually, maybe they can help with the homework! Some of our favorite kids podcasts are teaching Jack (age 6) and Norah (age 4) very cool lessons about history, science, language, and storytelling. Plus they are having a great time listening while in the car or sitting at our kitchen counter while I try to send just one more quick email.

Ready to find some guilt-free non parental supervision required entertainment for your kids so you can get some work done, or maybe even just sit down for a quiet second? Then check the list below for some of our favorites and get to subscribing!

Who Smarted?

Who Smarted - Educational podcast for kids

If you have a curious kid on your hands, start with the Who Smarted? podcast.

This is a fun and educational podcast for kids that teaches science and history with funny sound effects, stories, and interactive elements. Some of our favorite episodes so far have been about Thomas Edison’s inventions, Big Foot, and Mars and Venus.

I especially like the interactive nature of the show. The hosts make kids feel like they are right there in the room when they are asking questions before diving into the answers. I love this for two reasons – 1) My kids are definitely engaged and learning and 2) Mom gets a break from answering questions for a few minutes.

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Story Pirates

Story Pirates - fun podcast for kids

Story Pirates has been a fan favorite in our house for a couple of years and I have to admit, I’m one of those fans!

Story Pirates is a kids podcast where the actors in the show take stories written by kids and turn them into sketch comedy and songs. So, the story your kid wrote about the giant kangaroo who ate the moon – yup the Story Pirates want to hear that and when they do, they might turn it into something pretty epic.

The Story Pirates podcast is also fun because there are stories within a bigger story. The main characters of the show are on a pirate ship that starts in the sea in season 1, flies in the sky in season 2, goes to space in season 3, and dives under the water in season 4. Each character is hilarious in their own right and I love their backstories and interaction.

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WOW in the World

WOW in the World - Educational podcast for kids

Fans of the How I Built This Podcast are going to recognize a very familiar voice on WOW in the World. Guy Raz!

Hosted by Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, WOW in the World is another one of my favorite fun and educational podcasts for kids because it’s genuinely funny and super interesting.

In the show, Guy and Mindy are best buds who like to have adventures together along with a cast of very silly characters. (My favorite is Grandma G-Force.) On their adventures in WOW in the World, Guy and Mindy learn about science, technology, and innovation referencing the latest research in a way that’s totally accessible.

The storytelling is so great in this podcast that your kids won’t even miss the screen. I feel like I personally know the characters and really want to go hang out in Mindy’s gingerbread mansion.

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Aaron’s World

Aaron's World - Fun and educational podcast for kids

If you have a dinosaur lover in your house then Aaron’s World is where it’s at!

6-year-old Aaron and his dad started up this podcast as fun way for Aaron to share his love of dinosaur facts, and then they turned the dinosaur info into an epic story of time travel, robots, and prehistoric creatures.

My kids have binge listened to the entire four-season podcast twice now and I won’t be surprised if they circle back to it. Because of that, they could probably test out of several paleontology courses which would save us money on college.

Aaron’s World – great for kids, helpful for saving money. (And entertaining your kids while you hop on a call real quick.)

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What If World

What if World - fun podcast for kids

Our latest addition is the What If World podcast with Mr. Eric, a fun storyteller who knows how to keep kids entertained.

In this kids’ podcast, Mr. Eric collects wacky questions from kids and then spins them into creative and hilarious stories. The idea is to spark kids’ curiosity which can help them stay hopeful for the future. What a beautiful mission!

Some examples of the questions Mr. Eric turns into imaginative stories are “What if a girl and a bear were twin sisters?” and “What if beds ate pickles?” Man, kids are awesome.

You know your kids have questions. Lots of questions. So many questions… Have them send those questions over to Eric and then tune in to keep their little brains moving and laughing. That’s a great combination!

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Great stuff, right! Go subscribe to one, two, or all of these fun and educational podcasts for kids and keep those little ears and minds busy.

And before we go, one more thing. I know it’s tough trying to juggle it all right now, but you’ve got this moms and dads. You’re doing amazing!

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