Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Back to Work Memes & Videos

Funny Back to Work Memes to Keep You Laughing Through the Pain of Real Pants

Inside: Funny work back to work memes that will make putting on real pants and going to the office a little bit easier, or at least funnier!

Pants, and commuting, and small talk, oh my!

That’s right folks. Lots of emails floating around inboxes saying the same thing…

“It’s time to come back to work!”

Not that you haven’t been working if you’ve been out of the office – you have been working hard, my friends! But you’ve also been doing it while shoveling dry Frosted Flakes in your mouth when your “camera isn’t working” on a video call…

So things are about to get a LITTLE bit different.

If You’re Feeling the Back to Work Blues…

If you’re facing some back to the office blues because you’ve gotten REALLY into the work from couch life, you have a few choices.

(1) Request a work from home arrangement – Check out this work from home proposal template for help with that!

(2) Find a new job – Time to brush up the resume!

(3) Laugh your way through the back to the office transition with these back to work memes.

While a job that fits your life is definitely the best medicine, laughter is a pretty good runner-up!

The Funniest Back to Work Memes and Videos - ET back to work meme

Laugh Out Loud Back to Work Memes & Videos

50 shades of back to work reactions

Which reaction looks like you?

I’m a “No, thank you!”

We have LOTS of questions.

Number two, why???

Kelly Kapor Back to Work Meme
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Well that escalated quickly…

The Great Resignation is real.

Parents, this video is going to make you snort laugh

And maybe cry a little.

But, but…pants! Real pants!?!

Elastic waistband or bust.

How’s return to the office going?

Great… Everything is totally fine…


##duet with @songkick ##hr ##workfromhome ##wfh ##fyp ##fypシ ##officecomedy ##itsfine ##delta ##returntowork ##office ##notgood

♬ Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf

Yeah…just kidding.

Take me back to the couch, please and thank you.

Black and white cat at table staring

That’s going to be a no from me, dawg.

Don’t hate me.

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I don’t remember this at all…

Sorry, that memory has now been replaced with banana bread recipes.

You’ll come back, right? Right?

I am that robe and that robe is me.


Going back to the office after lockdown has us like 🥺 ##justkidding ##workfromhome ##TeamOMM

♬ original sound – evanormous

Come back for the culture!

I’m guessing we could do culture another way…

"We're returning to the office because our culture is so important"
The culture: 
Empty office cubicle.
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Yes, another back to work meme about pants

But the real pants thing is definitely a problem.

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10 Things I Love About WFH

“I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?

I think you can at the office!

10 Things I Hate About You Back to the Office meme
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Take me baby or leave me.

What? Bye-bye Zoom filters. Things are getting real.

ET dressed up back to work meme

Does Back to Work Work for You?

Am I being a bit satirical and hyperbolic with these back to work memes? Of course. I mean, we’ve worked in offices before, it’s not like we all landed on Mars and need to rebuild society.

BUT, return to the office is a big deal after over a year. So if you are feeling stressed about back to work, you aren’t alone. And if these memes gave you a little bit of stress relief, awesome!

And most importantly, if you want to keep working from home and need support in making your work from home case or finding a new job, let’s talk. Remote work is definitely a possibility and I’d love to help you get there.

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