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Funny Kid Quotes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Inside: 17 funny kid quotes that will make you laugh out loud. Children are the future, and the future is hilarious!

I love when adults are funny on purpose, but the cool thing about kids is that they don’t have to try to be funny. It just comes naturally.

And the little sayings, musings, and quotes that come out of their mouths are a gift to humanity. Nuggets of comedy gold from the mouths of babes.

Rough day at work or at home and need a pick me up?

These funny kid quotes are guaranteed to make you smile, do that quiet little “I’m at the office” chuckle” or full-on laugh out loud. Preferably the laugh out loud one since as adults we generally don’t laugh enough.

But Whitney Houston and I both believe that children are the future, they’ll make us laugh if we let them lead the way. Enjoy!

17 Funny Kid Quotes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Whoa, sorry!

Good answer, funny quote AND good answer.

Should have gone to Target…

Some funny kid quotes come in the form of sick burns

Welcome to the dark side.

Funny kid quotes
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The time a funny kid quote got a family kicked out of the Sunday matinee.

Who can compare to the original POTUS?

Back off, lady.

This kid is brilliant.

Come on, Ma. Be a Patriot.


Fair enough.

Ouch, man…

Sometimes you’re just done peopling for the day.

Don’t hold back, kid.

And I’m lucky to have all these funny kid quotes in my life.

Let kids name all the things.

Have your kids said something hilarious?

Share it below in the comments so we can continue to scroll down through a thread of funny kid quotes! Spread the happy!

And for more laughs click on any of the memes above to follow along with these funny ladies and the funny kids they are raising.

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