15 Funny Mother’s Day Memes to Share with Your Mom Friends

Inside: Funny Mother’s Day memes for the mom who just wants to sit quietly for a minute this Mother’s Day. Thank you, Moms!

Mother’s Day comes but once a year

A day reserved to give a cheer

To all the moms we hold so dear

But what we really want today

(Though we love your pinch pots made of clay)

Is for a little quiet time

To rest, relax, and ease our minds

So bring on the bacon, that works too

But sitting. It’s all we ask of you.

Enjoy some Mother’s Day memes and laughs! Happy Mother’s Day!

15 Funny Mother’s Day Memes to Share with Your Mom Friends

1. Married…with Pizza.

2. Someone else doing laundry is my love language.

I don't know what my husband is planning on doing for me for Mother's Day but I hope it's the laundry.
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3. But turndown service would be nice.

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4. That’s the Mother’s Day vibe we’re going for.

Mother's Day Memes - Scary Mommy
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5. Mama Bear needs a break.

Berenstein Bears Funny Mother's Day Meme
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6. Let’s try this again, buddy…

My husband just asked me to look up when Mother's Day is so we're off to a good start.
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7. Strong play, Joshua.

Mother's Day Letter on yellow paper

8. Hey now, Hey now. This is what Mother’s Day dreams are made of.

Mother's Day tweet
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9. Plan accordingly.

Moms: You did make plans for Mother's Day, didn't you? Dads: Yup. Mother's Day memes.
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10. I’d take either! One one with funny Mother’s Day memes.

As Kate Would Have It - Mother's Day advent calendar. Funny Mother's Day memes
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11. But AFTER Mother’s Day, watch out.

Mother's Day Meme - lowest day of crime

12. Love a good pinch pot!

"Mommy,  I made something for you for Mother's Day. Here's a hint. Pinch. No, no, actually the hint is Pot. No, nope, the hint is that it is made from clay." - My son, being sweet and also reminding me why I should never tell him secrets.
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13. This picture is EVERYTHING.

Like a boss - MLB Mother's Day Meme
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14. Make your Mother’s Day wishes known, friends.

This Mother's Day I would like a very cold hotel room, black out curtains, an Ambien, and no other human being present. Thank you in advance.
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15. Happy Mother’s Day, Super Moms!

Happy Mother's Day to Supermoms Everywhere

Here’s to you, moms. I hope your Mother’s Day is full of sleep, breakfast in bed, uninterrupted showers, Mother’s Day memes and YUP more sleep!

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