The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Ann Perkins in Your Life

If you are a fan of the late, great NBC hit show Parks & Recreation, then you are familiar with Galentine’s Day and this Galentine’s Gift Guide is going to leave you feeling all the Knope BFF feels!

If you’re not familiar with this holiday that celebrates ladies, here’s the quick overview.

Here’s to Lady Friends

Leslie Knope is everything. Amy Poehler is everything. And lady friends, yes, they are everything too.

Who is there for you when it hasn’t been your day, week, month or even your year? Lady friends.

Who can you text at 2 AM while you are feeding a baby and want to know if THAT should look like THAT? Lady friends.

Who understands if you go radio silent for weeks at a time because you can’t get your life together enough to change your pants let alone make a phone call? Lady friends.

So I love that Galentine’s Day is on the calendar to give a special shoutout to those ladies who love us, and whom we love so fiercely back. Valentine’s Day is great and all, but ovaries before broveries.

To celebrate Galentine’s Day send a text, post on Facebook, get to tweeting. Or do a little shopping! Check out the Galentine’s Day Gift Guide courtesy of Amazon Prime and the creatives on Etsy. Affordable and adorable.

Galentine's Day Gift Guide #galentinesday #giftguide

Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

For the Pawnee Goddess

Galentine's Day Gift - goddess t-shirt
Best. Shirt. Ever.

Class Leslie Knope Compliment Personalized Mug

You can add your BFF’s name! LOVE!

Personalized Wine Label

You Merlot I love this.

Galentine’s Day Cards

Galentine's Day Gift - coloring
For the lady who could use a little adult coloring therapy.

Parks & Recs Wall Art

Galentine's Day gift - printable
No one says it better than Leslie, a glorious female warrior.

More Parks & Rec Wall Art

Galentine's Day Gift - rule breaking moth
Such a beautiful rule-breaking moth. Honestly, I might get this for my daughter…

Treat Yo Self Spoon

Galentine's Day Gift -  treat yo self
The ultimate ice cream eating spoon.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Galentine's Day Gift - Amy Poehler book
Friends + Books + Amy Poehler = Excellent

Parks & Rec Candles

Uteruses Before Duderuses Compact

One of the best lines in TV history. Fight me on this.

Leslie Knope Notebook

Knope 2020 Shirt

Knope 2020
I can’t tell you how hard I would vote YES on this.

Nevertheless, She Persisted Magnet

Alright, I know this last one doesn’t include any Parks & Rec references, but you know Leslie and Ann would have had this magnet.

You go, girl.

I’ve been fortunate to have so many strong, supportive women in my life. The go to bat for you women. The stand up for what’s right women. The support your dreams with every fiber of their beings women.

You too? Give them a big ole Happy Galentine’s Day from me. And I hope you found some lovely Galentine’s Day gifts for them. They are poetic land mermaids, and they deserve it.

Here’s to another year of ladies celebrating ladies!

Galentine's Day Gift guide #galentinesday #galentinesday #giftguide
Galentine's Day Gift Guide #galentinesday #giftguide

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