10 Home Alone GIFS That Taught Me About Motherhood

When I think back on all of the time I have spent blogging over the past three years and realize that I only have four posts dedicated in some way to Home Alone or Home Alone gifs, that feels very low.

Even though this is not a movie blog, or a McCauley Caulkin appreciate blog, Home Alone is a cultural icon and I feel that any mom blog can and should have significant sections dedicated to Home Alone.

Here’s why.

Motherhood Lessons Learned from Home Alone GIFS

1. You are going to make mistakes

Home Alone 2 gif - KEVIN

No parent is perfect. I mean, hopefully, you don’t leave your kid at home while you are in Paris or Florida, but no one is perfect.

And when you make a mistake, always go back to this Home Alone gif and you’ll instantly feel better about yourself.

2. You aren’t going to get privacy in the bathroom

Home Alone 2 gif - Kevin recording Uncle Frank in the shower

Your days of having bathroom privacy are now gone and it’s important to just acknowledge this.

If you’ve learned nothing else from Uncle Frank and this classic Home Alone gif, let it be this. Lock the bathroom door or prepare to have a kid record you, or barge in to ask you to open their applesauce.

3. It’s okay to want some alone time

Home alone gifs - Kevin jumping up and down shouting "I'm living alone"

I love my family with all my heart and would never want to live without them, but there are times when I need a little space.

You too? That’s okay. This is one of those Home Alone gifs everyone can relate to on some level. Especially parents seeking three consecutive seconds of silence.

4. Kids should have chores

Home Alone Gifs - Kevin Shopping

If Kevin could pick up eggs, milk, and fabric softener then my kids can definitely set the table and put away their laundry.

Next up, detailing the car.

5. Kids are resilient

Home Alone gifs - Kevin Waving

In Home Alone Kevin was left home while his family was on vacation. AND he dealt with two robbers with very minimal police assistance. Yet somehow he still figured out how to get the house clean, put on a nice sweater, and forgive his mother.

If Kevin can do that, your kids will survive if you forget to buy the “good juice.”

6. We all think we’re messing motherhood up

Home Alone gifs - What kind of mother am I?

Sure, Kate and Peter messed up hard. And so did all of the Kenosha Kickers. But this is a good reminder that if you care enough to worry if you are doing a good job as a parent, then you might be doing a good job.

But, and I can’t stress this enough, check the attic before you leave for Paris. And don’t leave your kid alone in a funeral parlor for six hours. Other than that you’re probably fine.

7. Siblings aren’t always going to get along

Home Alone gifs - don't you know how to knock, plegm wad?

There will be times when your precious angels give each other sweet hugs and share their toys.

And then there will be moments they need to be separated, STAT. Let Buzz’s Home Alone gifs remind you that this is totally natural. (And make you feel better for not raising a Buzz.)

8. No Liquids After 7 PM

Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi gif

Either no liquids after 7 PM, or buy stock in Good Nites.

Those are your options.

(This blog post is not sponsored by Pepsi, but props on the product placement, Home Alone.)

9. Kids Have a Lot of Energy

Home Alone gifs You guys give up or are you thirsty for more?

Kids DO. NOT. STOP. One day my children will see Kevin’s Home Alone gifs and feel they found their spirit animal.

Wave the white flag all you want but kids will always be able to produce more chaos, more destructive, and more urgent needs for snacks. Prepare accordingly.

10. You Need Self-Care

Eating junk and watching rubbish gif

Because of all that kid energy, it’s important for parents to take care of themselves.

If it’s been a hard day, there is nothing wrong with eating junk and watching rubbish.

Or go watch Home Alone, which is DEFINITELY not rubbish.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

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