Flexible Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

Inside: Check out these job opportunities for stay at home moms managing paid work around childcare schedules. Find your perfect job that offers fulfillment, flexibility, and extra income.

“I’m ready to go back to the paid workforce in some capacity, but I’m not sure what that could look like if I still want to be a stay at home mom…”

Does this sound like you? You aren’t alone! As a career coach for parents, I hear this A LOT and I have good news for you. There are SO many options to make money in flexible fulfilling jobs that fit your life.

Stay at home moms (and dads!), take a scroll through these four categories of options and let’s find a path that works for you!

  • Entrepreneurial Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms
  • Contract Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms
  • Freelance Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms
  • Part-Time Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

Entrepreneurial Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

When you took the Just-Right Job Quiz were you an Emerging Entrepreneur? If so, starting your own business while you manage childcare and home needs as a stay at home mom could be the perfect fit.

Owning a business can feel intimidating, but you can start small and fit the work into your life. From there, the income potential is unlimited, depending on your business, how big or small you want it to be, and your product or service offering.

And from a flexibility perspective, you’re the boss! You call the shots.


There is a market for all kinds of coaches, including health coaches, fitness coaches, life coaches, career coaches, financial coaches, and parenting coaches.

I’m a big fan of coaching as a way to help people get closer to their goals and as a flexible and fulfilling career path. A coach can make a big impact on someone’s life with deep listening, great frameworks, and accountability. Plus, you can coach remotely and with a schedule that works for you.

If you’re not already trained as a coach, check out training and credentialling options here.


Consultants support other businesses with areas like strategy, marketing, fundraising, financial management, sustainability, talent management, DEI, and operations. If your previous work experience has made you a pro in these areas, you could build your own consulting practice.

In this business-to-business (B2B) business model, you can decide how many clients you could take on and how you would package your offerings. Remember, you’re the boss, so make this work for your life! Choose clients you feel aligned with and who are eager to work with you on your schedule.

E-Commerce Shop Owner

Creatives—listen up! There is so much you can do with your talents! From printables (educational material, recipe cards, or wall art) to print-on-demand materials (shirts, mugs, books) to ship-from-your-home items (jewelry, customized apparel, artwork), the options are endless.

If Etsy is interesting to you, check out this episode of the When Mommy Grows Up podcast. We have just the pro for you to get started!


If you are magic with numbers, you could build a business helping other small business owners manage their finances. There is a big demand for this type of service (along with accounting/tax prep if you are a CPA) so there is lots of potential here.

Like the other entrepreneurial ventures mentioned above, you can control the size, scale, and hours to make this work for you.

Contract Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

A contractor is a not a full-time employee of a company, rather they are contracted to work on a specific project or in a function, generally over an extended period of time. Instead of being paid as a salaried employee, you are typically paid weekly or biweekly based on an hourly rate.

While you generally don’t get benefits like PTO or health care coverage as a contractor, you do often have a lot of flexibility over where and when the work gets done, which makes this perfect for a stay-at-home mom managing work around childcare needs.

You can find contract roles on sites like The Mom Project, MomUp, or FlexJobs. Or think about one of my favorite places to find contract work – your former employer! If you left the paid workforce but kept in touch with your former employer, there could be opportunities to take on contract work based on the current needs of the organization.

There are a ton of options here, but here are some sample contract roles:

Contact Coach

As a career coach, I have my own practice but also work as a contract coach with a leading business school in career and professional development and executive education. These roles stemmed from my working full-time for the school before making my entrepreneurial leap!

I’ve also known Life Coaches and Health and Wellness Coaches who are contracted by companies to coach clients. Coaching is a very flexible career because you can set timeframes for your availability for coaching calls and can do calls over the phone or on Zoom.

Community Manager

If you’re a whiz at engaging groups, creating compelling content, and helping others succeed, becoming a Community Manager for an online business could be a great fit for you as a contractor.

Online courses and group coaching programs are everywhere, and creating an engaged community is a big part of their success. Community Managers (like my friend and colleague, Marie) welcome new members, keep track of member progress, and share great resources to help clients land fulfilling and flexible jobs in the Career Clarity Community.

Project Manager

In just about any industry you can imagine, project managers play a key role in making things happen!

If your kids are in school during the day but you want to remain available for before and after-school care and those middle-of-the-day events, serving as a contract project manager can utilize your organizational skills in a flexible way.

I’ve project-managed events in higher education (requiring 5-10 hours a week) and have worked with clients who project-managed product launches, photo archiving, and marketing initiatives. Think about your core skills and how they could be put to use for 3 to 6-month projects.

Freelance Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

Freelancing is a bit different than entrepreneurship and contract work, so it deserves its own category. As a freelancer, you are the business owner, but you don’t necessarily need to build out an agency. You work on a contract basis, but you will provide specialized services to clients on a short-term contract basis.

As a freelancer, you also have control over how many freelance projects you take on and can scale up or down as you manage life as a mom.

Freelance Writing or Copywriting

If you love nothing more than spending time typing behind the scenes, storytelling, and finding the exact right words, then freelance writing could be an ideal job opportunity for you as a stay-at-home mom.

Freelance writing can take many forms, including content marketing (blog posts/articles), email marketing, website copy, and social media copy. Job opportunities can be found on LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, and by creating your own content to gain visibility on topics of expertise.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for social media and websites can be a great job that fits into your life as a stay-at-home mom and serves as a bridge back into the paid workforce. Whether you’re a trained designer or have self-taught using Canva, your skills can be of huge value to a business. This includes both online businesses and physical, local businesses (independent cafes, pubs, dance studios, etc.).

You can look for freelance projects on Upwork or Fiverr and by networking with small business owners. More on networking strategies here!


If you’ve always wanted to illustrate a children’s book, taking on clients as a freelance illustrator could be the perfect next step for you as a stay at home mom. Share your illustration skills on social media and connect with authors to find potential projects that you can do at night, while the kids are at school, or during naps.

Part-Time Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

There is certainly overlap between contract and part-time career opportunities for stay-at-home moms, but there are also differences. Part-time employees are generally salaried and may have set hours. For some people, that is the perfect fit, and they prefer the collaboration and steady schedule this type of work arrangement provides.

Virtual Assistant

If you love the idea of remote work and you work well independently, becoming a virtual assistant could be a great fit. Entrepreneurs who have built their business largely solo will eventually get to a point where they can’t handle all of the aspects of their company alone. That could include managing scheduling and emails, data entry, customer support, invoicing, or project coordination.

Great places to look for these opportunities are in Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. I see new posts looking for virtual assistants on a weekly basis from business owners all over the world.

Roles in Education

You don’t need to be a full-time classroom teacher to work within the school system!

Think about cafeteria workers, teaching assistants, and tutors. These options can be bucketed into part-time work because you wouldn’t have required professional development days as part of the teacher’s union and would follow the same or similar schedule as your children.

Another great option here – substitute teacher! Substitute teachers are in high demand in many districts and you will have control over what days you are available to work.

Sales Professional

Some people cringe when they think about sales, but let’s reframe this picture a bit! Sales is all about helping someone solve a problem by connecting them with the right product or service. If you’re good with people, like to help, and are driven by a bit of competition, sales could be a great fit.

Sales can take many forms, including Real Estate, Telemarketing, Retail, Inside Sales, and Event Sales. Within each of these categories there can be part-time opportunities that you craft around your schedule. There are also remote options or work that is largely done nights and weekends if that is a better fit for your childcare needs.

There are dozens of other part-time job opportunities across industries and functions. Search for your areas of expertise using Indeed, FlexJobs, Remote.co, and yes, even Craigslist!

More Job Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

Are your wheels turning on how you can find a paid job you love that fits your life as a stay at home mom? Fantastic!

For more on finding the ideal job opportunity for you as a stay at home mom, check out the free Just-Right Job Match Quiz.

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