What's Your Just-Right Job?

Just-Right Job Quiz – Free, Quick, and Spot On!

Inside: Looking for a job quiz that points you in the right direction for your career as a busy mid-career parent? Take this fun 9-question quiz from a career coach and let’s get you there!

Every time I’ve taken an internet quiz about what type of cheese I am (gouda) or what Disney Princess I am (Ariel), I’ve thought to myself, I want to make one of these quizzes about careers!

(Yes, every time. Career nerd!)

So, I noodled on it, and brainstormed on it, and looked at many gifs to make it fun, and now we have…

The Just-Right Job Match Quiz!

What is the Just-Right Job Quiz?

Identifying your just-right job is about finding your Career Sweet Spot – the overlap of your Skills, your Passions, and your Value Add (who will pay you). Then when we match that up with your Career Criteria, the specific life and work factors that hold meaning for you, ooooh that’s the stuff!

In the Career Clarity Program, we dive deep into finding your Career Sweet Spot and your Career Criteria, but we can kickstart the process with this fun 9-question, gif-filled quiz!

Pick the answers that resonate with you and find out if you are a…

🫱🏾‍🫲🏼 Committed Coach
⭐️ Self-Directed Star
💭 Emerging Entrepreneur
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Transformative Teammate

Then we’ll dive into sample job titles and where to take your results from here!

What is YOUR Just-Right Job?

Let’s break down each one of the Just-Right Job Match quiz results.

Committed Coach

You're a...committed coach

You have a knack for helping people grow and glow.

You’re a community builder, a listener, and coach and mentor at heart. You’re great at helping teams to take shape and fostering individual growth. Use these skills to create a culture of work-life balance for your team or work with clients 1:1 or in small groups.

Your Just-Right Job Matches: Manager of a Team, Therapist / Counselor, Coach (Life, Career, Health), Human Resources, or Teacher (Adults or Kids)

Other people are going to be an important part of your career fulfillment as a committed coach, and other people means other schedules and needs. Think about what flexibility means to YOU as a parent when choosing a work environment and colleagues so that your job fits your life.

Self-Directed Star

You're a...self-directed star!

Your career tagline – “I’ve got this.”

As a self-directed star, you know how to get results without someone peering over your shoulder. You work best independently and efficiently making to-dos become ta-dahs! When it comes to flexible and fulfilling work, you’re happiest when you can work in your own space at your own pace.

Your Just-Right Job Matches: Curriculum Designer, Analyst (Data, Finance, Policy), Sales Account Executive, Software Developer, Market Researcher, Content Strategist, or Writer

There are a lot of different types of self-directed roles across industries and functions, but what we’re looking for here is work that can be done independently and remotely.

I love using tools like ChatGPT to generate job title ideas that match up your skills and interests with independent style work. Try a prompt like “What are examples of job titles in X industry where work can be done independently and remotely?”

Emerging Entrepreneur

You're an...emerging entrepreneur

Who’s the boss? You!

You have the entrepreneurial itch to be your own boss and that’s amazing! As an entrepreneur, you are calling the shots about what projects you take on, your business model, your schedule, etc. Talk about fulfilling and flexible!

Your Just-Right Job Matches: Entrepreneur, Coach (Life, Career, Health), E-Commerce Business Owner, Freelancer / Contractor, Intrapreneur – building within an existing business, Real Estate Agent, or Writer/Photographer

As you think about what business you want to launch, think about your existing areas of expertise. What problems could you help solve and who needs help solving those problems? That’s the secret sauce!

Transformative Teammate

You're a...transformative teammate!

When it comes to picking teams, you’re first off the bench!

You’re a natural collaborator and you love working with great teams. It’s fun for you to brainstorm new ideas and problem-solve as a group. All the energy you bring to a team transforms the outcomes, and that energy keeps you buzzing when you get home from work!

Your Just-Right Job Matches: Program Manager, Student Services Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Healthcare Professional, Management Consultant, or Director of Operations

Since you love working with other people to accomplish a goal, a hybrid or in-person work environment fits with your style. But being in the office doesn’t have to mean less flexibility. Look for managers who set appropriate boundaries and family-friendly policies.

Ready to Take the Just-Right Job Quiz?

If you have five minutes, you have time to take this quiz and kickstart your Career Clarity process!

Give the Just-Right Job Match Quiz a go and let me know if your quiz results resonate with you.

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Meet Your Career Coach

Hi there, mid-career parents! I’m Becca Carnahan, career coach, mom, and founder of Next Chapter Careers.

I’ve helped hundreds of busy parents just like you land (and create!) fulfilling jobs they love, without giving up the flexibility they need. Those types of jobs are real!

At Next Chapter Careers, I take everything I’ve learned from over a decade working at Harvard Business School and teach YOU how to find career clarity and a career path that fits your life.

I’m looking forward to helping you write your next success story!

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