When You Give a Mom a Lactation Cookie – Quinn’s Cookies Are Making Milk!

In this post N is for “nepotism,” but N is also for “Never have I ever had a cookie this delicious before and I’m really sad that I’m not currently eating one of these cookies.”

While I’m not currently in lactation station, these lactation cookies are delicious for the milk-making and non milk-making alike. And I’m very much a cookie enthusiastic so I promise you this is going to be good.

When You Give a Mom a Cookie, She’s Going to Make Some Milk

Introducing Scott, the owner and founder of Quinn’s Cookies. Scott and his husband Ken have an adorable daughter named Quinn, who is the namesake for their delicious line of custom cookies and lactation cookies.

Breastfeeding wasn’t my strong suit, but on behalf of all the breastfeeding mamas I know, I totally appreciate what Scott’s company is all about. Plus, seriously, you really need to try these cookies. Since Scott sent us some to try I’ve been thinking about them as much as that pretzel I had one time in Amish country, which is an unhealthy amount.

Scott is also my husband’s cousin, but read on and you’ll see why I would have wanted to chat with Scott regardless of blood lines. He is innovative, interesting, and entrepreneurial #goals. Plus he has been on reality TV more than 97% of American citizens. FACTS.

Without further ado, some Q&A. And because I can’t help myself, some super rude interruptions from me in italics. Enjoy meeting Scott!

Getting Down to Business

Oh hey, Scott! Let’s talk shop. What inspired you to start Quinn’s Cookies?

A year before our daughter was born, Ken’s sister gave birth to her son.  She was struggling to produce breast milk and I could see how it was causing stress, which also lowers production. She tried to make a lactation cookie from a recipe online. I tried one of the cookies; it tasted like a mixture of shredded cardboard, chalk and with a metallic aftertaste. She asked me if I could try to make something for her.

I know my way around the kitchen (Editors Note: Such an understatement – Scott was on Master Chef!) and was able to make a soft and chewy cookie with all of the nutritional elements of a lactation cookie. They also worked great for her!

Later that year our best friend had a baby and she made us a deal, we could have all of her excess milk if we made her cookies. We were expecting baby Quinn to arrive in a few months through surrogacy and breast milk was white gold for someone who can’t produce it! Word of mouth traveled fast about the cookies on Facebook and we had new moms begging for our lactation cookies. A few months later Quinn’s Cookies was born.

How awesome is that woman? How awesome are Scott and Ken? Ugh, I love people.

Soft, chewy, delicious lactation cookies from a Master Chef contestant! Struggling to produce breast milk, you need to try these cookies.
Quinn’s Cookies – delicious AND adorable.

What is your favorite part about owning and operating Quinn’s Cookies?

I honestly love everything about owning a cookie business. How can you have a bad day when you have cookie dough around you all day? (Umm, see what I mean about #goals. I’ve literally dreamed about being surrounded by cookie dough. Very literally.)

But, I really love getting to design new cookie recipes like our new turtle cookie. It has real caramels that are flash frozen and shattered and mixed, pecans and chocolate to make an insanely good cookie! (These were melt your face level delicious.)

Cookie Monster

What cookie flavor do you think is most underrated? With Love, Becca readers had some WORDS about Girl Scout Cookie flavors back in February so I think we would all appreciate your insight on this.

Actually, our gluten free chocolate chip cookies are amazing they are soft and chewy and taste great. But anytime you say gluten free everyone gets a twitch and assume gluten free means dry and lack of flavor.

Even gluten free! No wonder Quinn’s Cookie’s is going to be hitting the grocery shelves in Iowa soon. Such rock stars.

Let Me Entertain You

Super random, but have you ever been on a reality tv show? If so, please indulge us with the details. (Just a casual question that I ask everyone, not just people whose dining room I was in while a reality show was filming in their basement…)

Ha ha! Well, I’m not sure how this happens to me but I have been on HGTV’s West End Salvage. We got a kitchen and dining room makeover. I was also on Master Chef Season 5… I think you see me for a split second, but I was in LA for 10 days filming and I am great friends with everyone I completed against on the show.

Apparently being on HGTV does not mean you have Joanna Gaines’ phone number… Unfortunate.

Speaking of television, Netflix us! What should we add to our watch list?

If you are looking for some amazing stories and some cooking inspiration look no further than Chef’s Table. The episode about Christina Tosi is my favorite. She and I are going to be best friends, she doesn’t know it yet, but it will happen!

I FULLY support planning out friendships with celebrities

#ProTip: Parenting Edition

Lots of parents up in here. Any nuggets of parenting wisdom you’d like to share? My go to answer to this question is “none of us have any idea what we are doing” so I’m sure you have something up your sleeve that could be more helpful than that!

Man, I hardly ever give advice on parenting unless asked. I think I was told so many horror stories before our daughter was born I was ready to put in 18 years of hard time in solitary.

We are pretty social guys, so my advice is to socialize your little ones with other kids, adults and new locations. Our daughter isn’t afraid of anyone and she can do brunch like a pro!

Seriously, Give a Mom a Cookie!

Want to try Quinn’s Cookies or looking for a gift for a new mom in your life? Quinn’s Cookies ships around the country and you can get a $5.00 discount when you buy two boxes. Just use the code discount5.

Seriously, this would be a killer present to send to a friend who just had a baby. They probably have enough onesies. (Kel, act surprised.)

The Chocolate Chip was really good. The Turtle Cookie just about blew my mind.

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  1. I’m not a new mom, I’m gma now, but this sounds amazing and the cookies sound delicious. I wish they had them created, baked, invented when my daughter was breast feeding she had a heck if a time and couldn’t. But she is planning on having more babies so we will definelty get a jump start now and try the cookies. And of course I’m related to the founders as cousins. But they did not ask me nor do they know I’m reading this. But I think this is a wonderful creation and great invention cookie idea. Congratulations cousins and to little quinn!! God bless.

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