How to Use a Lead Generation Quiz to Boost Your Small Business

Inside: A customized lead generation quiz can be a highly converting powerhouse for your small business. Learn how a quiz can work for your business to grow leads and revenue and discover how to create a quiz that you and your prospective clients will love!

PDFs, webinars, templates – as a small business owner looking to bring in new leads, I have tried them all! But nothing beats a great quiz as a tool to help your ideal clients find (and stick with) you.

I have owned my career coaching practice for six years and while coaching is the name of the game, I know that my business needs clients to actually PLAY that game. Otherwise we’re looking at an empty court and an empty bank account.

Before career coaching, I got my start in marketing, so I actually love this side of the business! It’s fun to think about client engagement and consultative sales to help prospective clients find the right fit.

I know not everyone feels that way, though. For lots of small business owners, marketing and sales can be super painful, awkward, and draining. But since it’s so important (remember, no one wants an empty court for this game), it’s critical to find ways to automate and ease this process.

Enter the lead generation quiz!

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What is a Lead Generation Quiz

If you’ve ever taken an online quiz to find out what kind of cheese you are or which Disney princess most aligns with your personal style, then you know that online quizzes are everywhere!

Some of these quiz creators make money by including advertisements on the page. Others are building their businesses by using quizzes to collect leads (email addresses) for follow-up sales conversion.

Here’s what this looks like:

A potential client comes across a quiz on social media or on a website and they are very interested in the results (it matches up with a pain point they want answers to). The potential client answers a few questions on the quiz and then they are prompted to submit their email address to access the results.

The quiz taker gets their results (quick win!), and you, the business owner, have their email address, so you don’t need to rely on social media algorithms to connect with that prospective client again (double win!)

Why a Lead Generation Quiz Works

There are lots of lead magnets you can choose from to collect email addresses as a small business owner, depending on your niche. As a career coach, I’ve used resume templates, job search webinars, and LinkedIn checklists, just to name a few. As a nutritionist, you might use printable recipes, shopping lists, and video cooking lessons as a way for potential clients to opt into your world.

All of these lead magnets can work, but I find that a quiz offers a much higher conversion rate in terms of the number of people who sign up divided by the number of people who view the webpage. Even more importantly, the conversion rate of the number of people who purchase from my business divided by the number of people who take the quiz is WAY higher than any of my other tools alone.

Why does a lead generation quiz work so well? Because they…

Are Interactive & Fun!

There’s a reason why we all click on quizzes that will tell us what Hogwarts House we would be in. They are fun! We like being able to engage and be entertained, and quizzes let us do just that. You can replicate that fun and interactive feeling with a quiz based on your business niche. (My Just-Right Job Match Quiz uses a bunch of pop culture gifs, and I love it!)

Easy & Fast!

A webinar might take an hour to watch, and a good number of your prospective clients won’t follow through to watch the content after signing up. A PDF guide could be super useful, but it takes the prospective clients longer to digest and implement. A quiz takes less than five minutes, which is super valuable in a time-crunched world.

Give Prospective Clients Quick Wins

Along with the ease with which a prospective client can engage with the quiz, there is also a speedy result at the end! If, based on your prospective client’s answers, you can give them a quick win to walk away with, you are building trust.

As an example, I give my prospective clients a quick win by directing them to sample job titles that could be a fit for their working style and needs. They love the insight it gives and makes staying engaged with me worthwhile for them!

Segment Your Audience

Remember the importance of data! You can use your quiz to generate leads for your business AND segment your email list.

For example, let’s say you are a wedding planner, and you use your quiz to help people determine what style of wedding fits their personality. On the backend, you have data about what your clients are looking for (destination weddings, small intimate ceremonies, big parties), and you can market different offerings to different audiences.

What a Quiz Has Done for My Business

The quiz I’ve been using for the past 7 months as part of my business, Next Chapter Careers, is the Just-Right Job Match Quiz. This quiz uses 9 questions about a prospective client’s goals, work style, motivators, and families to point them toward job categories that could be an ideal fit for them.

The four categories are Emerging Entrepreneur, Self-Directed Star, Committed Coach, and Transformative Teammate. At the results stage, I give prospective coaching clients a description of their category based on their answers, along with sample job titles for each so they can start their research.

Since launching the quiz, this one lead magnet alone has brought in over 1,000 new leads (at a nearly 40% conversion rate!), moved over 10% of those leads into a highly converting webinar for my coaching program, and generated over $20K in revenue.

PLUS, I’ve created new modules within my Career Clarity Program to meet the needs of my audience and am working on new offers based on responses to the quiz. Worth every penny!

How to Create Your Lead Generation Quiz

Are you ready to create your own quiz for your small business? Let’s get started!

Find Your Quiz Creation Tool

The tool I use for a lead generation quiz is Interact, which I love! They offer engaging quiz templates, a great library of images and gifs, back-end analytics, and e-mail integration. Super simple to use!

You can get started with a Lite Plan (up to 5 quizzes) or dive right into Growth or Pro plans for more quizzes, more users, and personalized branding.

Start with Goals and Results

Once you find a tool you love, you can start building your quiz. But before you start writing questions and answers, think about your goal for the quiz. What quick win do you want your prospective clients to walk away with?

For example, my career coaching clients often get stuck thinking about what types of roles would even be interesting to them. To help with that pain point, my quiz points to four different job type categories based on the types of roles I see my clients drawn to and landing. It opens up their mind to types of roles and styles of work they hadn’t considered before.

Depending on your niche, you will have different categories – perhaps breeds of dogs, protein sources, ways to volunteer in your community, or family-photo styles. Think about categories/results that will be helpful for your prospective client (building trust) and helpful for you as a business owner (you’re able to do something with the results).

Develop Your Quiz Results & Questions

With your results and categories in mind, now you can think about what questions you can ask your prospective clients that will help you determine which category is a fit for them. Here’s an example of one of my quiz questions.

which work environment sounds amazing to you? work environment types with gifs

As you build out your questions and answers, tie each response to one of your result categories so that on the backend, your quiz platform can tally up responses and provide a result based on those responses. (Yes, Interact does that for you! No manual process here!)

Build Your Funnel

As you’re building, remember that this is a lead generation quiz for your small business. You want to make sure that you select the option for quiz participants to provide their email addresses so that they opt into your email list. An active list email will be one of your most valuable resources as an entrepreneur because it allows you to deepen relationships with potential clients as they move through the sales funnel.

When prospective clients complete my quiz, the receive an email with quiz results and then are invited to join a free webinar that teaches them the framework I use within the Career Clarity Program. I do this intentionally because the next question on my audience’s mind beyond “What do I want to do?” is “How do I do it?” Think like your clients and build a funnel using your website and email list to help someone go from problem-aware (I need to find a job I like that fits my life) to solution-aware (there is coaching available to help me reach my goal.

I use the Mailerlite integration in Interact, and there are dozens of other integrations as well, so you can find one that works for you and your email platform.

Interact lead generation quiz mail integration tool

Market Your Lead Generation Quiz

Another piece I love about the Interact quiz tool is that you can embed the quiz easily onto a page on your website or set up pop ups. You may have seen the quiz pop up as you’ve been reading this article!

Having multiple ways to market your quiz will allow you to generate more leads in an automated way.

Get Started with Your Lead Generation Quiz!

If a lead generation quiz is right for your business, I recommend jumping right in! I wish I hadn’t kicked this can down the road for months before starting, but at least now I get to tell you all about it so you can skip right along in your business.

Sign up for Interact here, picking a plan that works for your business’s size and stage. Then, please come back and share your quiz link! I adore a good quiz and will be super curious to see how you are using your unique magic to build a business you love.

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