31 Inspiring Moms Through History Who Share Your March Birthday

Inside: Celebrate your March birthday with these famous women. These hard-working moms have chased their dreams, raised their families, and made their marks on the world.

Happy March birthday to you!

(And if you missed January or February, don’t worry. We have you covered!)

Shared birthdays have always fascinated me. When reading a biography, I pause for a moment when the author mentions the subject’s birthday wondering if I know anyone else born on that day. I try to draw connections between the people and think about them making wishes on their shared personal holidays, blowing out the candles perhaps decades or thousands of miles apart.

I don’t think I’m alone in this birthday buddy fascination either because the Ty company did VERY well with Beanie Babies. People love birthdays.

Happy March Birthday, Moms!

I share a birthday with civil rights activist and mom of six, Ida B. Wells, and I enjoyed learning more about her life and our mutual love of the written word. After uncovering this working mom connection, I thought it would be fun to dive a little deeper.

Who shares your birthday? Is there a famous hard-working mom out there you might find a connection to based on the day you both popped out into the world? Maybe you are both artists or entrepreneurs. Maybe you both love classical music or each have three kids.

So let’s find out!

Find your mom March birthday buddy below and let me know if making a wish on the same day is a straightforward as that, or if there is something more between you and your match. In this busy doing one million things world, it’s nice to take a pause and focus on yourself once in a while. Celebrate you, make new connections, and eat some birthday cake!

Definitely eat the cake.

31 Inspiring Moms Who Share Your March Birthday

31 Famous Women Born in March Who Crushed It as Working Moms

March 1

Yolanda Griffith: WNBA player and mother of one. She become a single mother at age 19 and then worked her way through college and into professional basketball, first internationally and then with the WNBA. Yolanda also took home three Olympic gold medals.

March 2

Laraine Newman: Comedian and mom of two. Laraine was one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live and starred on the show for five years. She later went on to appear in movies like Coneheads and do voice over work for many animated films including Cars, Up! and Finding Nemo.

March 3

Jessica Biel: Actress and mother of one. Jessica has done plenty of cool things after starring as Mary in 7th Heaven many moons ago but that’s how my 90s heart will always think of her. “When I see their happy faces, smiling back at me. 7th Heaven.”

March 4

Catherine O’Hara: Actress and mother of two. I’ve been low key obsessed with Catherine O’Hara since she starred as Kate McAllister in Home Alone. Then when she took on the role of Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek… stop it. Her comedic timing is simply the best.

Moira Rose meme

March 5

Lynn Margulis: Scientist and mother of four. As an evolutionary theorist and biologist, Lynn is best known for her work on symbiosis. While she was strongly contested and rejected in the early stages of her career, she was determined to prove her theories and eventually went on to win the National Medal for Science and the Darwin-Wallace Medal. That’s sticking to your guns!

March 6

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Poet and mother of one. How much does the world love Elizabeth’s poetry? Let me count the ways. She was one of the most popular writers of the 1800s and her poems still stand the test of time. Plus she has inspired thousands of writers that came after her including Emily Dickinson.

March 7

June Wayne: Printmaker, educator, and mother of one. June founded the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in 1960 to revitalize lithography in the U.S. She was also active in the Feminist Movement and was a co-founder of the Los Angeles Council of Women in the Arts.

March 8

Carole Bayer Sager: Singer/songwriter and mother of one. If you know the song “That’s What Friends Are For” then you know Carole’s words. She’s in the Songwriters Hall of Fame and won an Academy Award, a Grammy, and two Golden Globes. That’s a lot of sparkle, y’all!

March 9

Juliette Binoche: Dancer, actress, and mother of two. Juliette has been in sixty movies throughout her career on stage. She is best known for her Academy Award-winning work in The English Patient and Chocolat. In addition to her acting work, Juliette is active with Reporters without Borders and the French Cambodian charity, Enfants d’Asie.

March 10

Olivia Wilde: Actress, director, and mom of two. As a talented actress, Olivia has graced the big and small screens including roles in House, Rush, Drinking Buddies, and Tron. She has also doesn’t shy away from sharing some powerful messages to other working moms. Go Olivia!

Celebrate your March birthday with 31 inspiring moms, including Olivia Wilde.

March 11

Lisa Loeb: Singer/songwriter and mother of two. My 90s kid is showing again as all I want to talk about is Lisa Loeb’s hit song “Stay.” But Lisa is also the founder of Camp Lisa, a foundation that helps kids go to summer camp. And she has her own eyewear line.

March 12

Mary Alice Williams: Journalist and mother of three. Mary Alice anchored NBC’s Weekend Today and was a key member of the leadership team who built CNN. She also wrote and produced segments for The Discovery Channel, PBS, Hallmark, and CBS Evening News.

March 13

Diane Dillon: Author, illustrator, and mother of one. She and her husband were an amazing team illustrating dozens of popular children’s books. Together they won the Caldecott Medal twice.

March 14

Dorothy Tyler-Odam: Olympic high jumper and mother of two. As a British Olympian, Dorothy won two silver medals and was the only woman to win track & field Olympic medals both before and after World War II. At age 92, she was the official starter for the London Marathon. #goals

March 15

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Supreme Court Justice and mom of 2. She was the second woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court and has been a fierce advocate of the idea that all men AND women were created equal. The Notorious R.B.G doesn’t play, and the USA is better because of her.

March 16

Kate Worley: Comic Book Writer and mother of two. Kate is best known for her work on Omaha the Cat Dancer. She also contributed to the science fiction comedy radio program “Shockwave.”

March 17

Dana Reeve: Actress, author, activist, and mother of one. Throughout her acting career, Dana made appearances on TV, in movies, and on Broadway. She and her husband, Christopher Reeve, made a powerful team advocating for disability causes and cancer research.

Celebrate your March birthday with 31 inspiring moms, including Dana Reeve

March 18

Starr Danias: Ballerina, actress, and mother of two. Starr was a member of the City Center Joffrey Ballet and also danced with the American Ballet Theater and on Broadway. Later she was in the movie Turning Point and the The Love Point.

March 19

Jackie “Moms” Mabley: Comedian and mother of four. Moms, a nickname she earned because she was a surrogate mom to many other comedians, ruled the comedy stage in the 1950s and 60s. She was a fan favorite on Chitlin’ Circuit, at the Apollo and Carnegie Hall, and on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

March 20

Lois Lowry: Author and mother of four. Her children’s literature made a major impact on the world, addressing difficult subjects in a way that is accessible to children. The Giver remains one of my favorite books to do this day.

March 21

Kristen Anderson-Lopez: Songwriter and mother of two. If you had Let It Go, Love is an Open Door, or Do You Want to Build a Snowman? stuck in your head since 2013 you have Kristen to thank for that. She and her husband co-wrote the songs for Frozen, Coco and Frozen II.

March 22

Reese Witherspoon: Actress, business owner, producer, and mom of three. Reese taught us to bend and snap in Legally Blonde and if that movie was her only movie she would still be on this list. But she has rocked so many more amazing films and TV shows as an actress and producer in addition to owning the clothing line, Draper James.

March 23

Chaka Khan: Singer and mother of two. Ten-time Grammy award-winning singer, Chaka Khan has been rocking stages since the 1970s. She broke onto the music scene with her band Rufus before going solo in the 1980s. It’s hard to pick a favorite song from the “Queen of Funk,” but I’ll go with “I’m Every Woman.”

March 24

Mary Berry: Food writer, TV personality, and mother of three. Fans of the show The Great British Bake-Off will be wishing Mary Berry a very scrumptious day on March 24! In addition to her work on this wildly popular series, Mary has written over 70 cookbooks and has her own line of cookware with her daughter.

March 25

Aretha Franklin: Singer/songwriter, activist, and mother of four. “The Queen of Soul” brought the world a list of amazing songs that could, and should, take up about a million blog posts. To name a couple, “Respect,” “Natural Woman,” “Chain of Fools,” and “I Say a Little Prayer.” She was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, won dozens of Grammys, has a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation, and the state of Michigan declared her voice a “natural resource.”

March 26

Sandra Day O’Connor: Former Supreme Court Justice and mother of three. Sandra was the first female justice appointed to the Supreme Court where she served from 1981 to 2006. Prior to her work as a judge, Sandra was a lawyer and served on the Arizona State Senate.

(Does anyone else think it’s really cool that Justice O’Connor and Justice Ginsburg were born in the same month?)

Celebrate your March birthday with 31 inspiring moms, including Sandra Day O'Connor

March 27

Mariah Carey: Singer and mother of two. With absolutely insane vocal range, Mariah has earned her spot on the list of greatest singers of all time. She also brought us the gift of All I Want for Christmas is You, which will stand the test of time. March birthdays make for some serious vocal powerhouses!

March 28

Reba McEntire: Singer/songwriter, actress, and mother of one. Over her career, Reba has released 33 albums and is one of the best selling artists of all-time (75 million albums sold as of 2020!) She’s in the Country Music Hall of Fame (obvi!) and has won the American Music Award for Favorite Country Female Artist 12 times. PLUS a popular TV sitcom starring and named after her that ran for 6 years. Reba rocks.

March 29

Dianne Kay: Actress and mother of one. Dianne is best known for her role on the popular tv series, Eight is Enough that ran in the 1970s and 80s. She continued her acting career into the 80s and 90s on TV and movies.

Photo Cred: Click Americana

March 30

Ruth Soukup: Business Owner, author, and mother of 2. New York Times Bestselling author, Ruth Soukup has written six books and runs a successful company with several online brands including Living Well Spending Less, Do It Scared, and Elite Blog Academy. Check out the Do It Scared podcast for some serious inspiration!

March 31

Liz Claiborne: Fashion Designer, founder, and mother of one. Liz was the first woman founder and first woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company. In her words, “I wanted to dress busy and active women like myself, women who dress in a rush and who weren’t perfect.”

Celebrate your March birthday with 31 inspiring moms, including Liz Claiborne
Photo Cred: Bloomberg News

Happy March birthday to you, mamas!

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