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The Best Busy Mom Water Bottles for Work, Play, and Doing ALL the Things

Inside: 5 best mom water bottles to keep you hydrated this summer while you’re busy chasing goals and chasing kids.

I’ve always had a weird relationship with water.

And it’s not so much a “weird relationship” as it a tendency to forget to drink it and then try to run around doing a million things, get dizzy, and need to sit down for a minute.

It’s been a thing since I was a teenager that has managed to get worse with motherhood because (gestures around to all the things that need to happen on a daily basis.)

5 of the best water bottles for busy moms

Water Problem, Meet Solution!

But the solution to being dehydrated and dizzy is to be hydrated and not dizzy. And that’s a painfully easy thing to accomplish when you’re fortunate enough to have access to clean drinking water. I just need to channel Nike and you know, just do it.

Does this sound like you, mama? You’re constantly filling water bottles for the kids, meeting the deadlines, walking the dog, doing the dishes, working on your fitness, and suddenly yikes… It’s 2 pm and you haven’t gotten close to your 8 recommended glasses.

Then let’s get you suited up in the battle against dehydration with some of my water bottle besties. My cabinet of mom water bottles is becoming a collection at this point and I’m not even mad about it. In fact, I’m much healthier because of it, and I want that for you too, my friend.

Neither your big goals nor your children are going to chase themselves, you need water!

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5 Best Mom Water Bottles (Tested, Approved, and Adored!)


Swig Life

My Swig Life water bottle is currently sitting atop the pyramid of water bottle glory in my house. The pink, green, and blue flowered version I have was a gift from Glen and the kids for Mother’s Day and it’s just so lovely I want to learn to paint JUST so I can paint it like one of Leo’s French girls.

That was a weird thing to say but I’m not sorry.

I really do love this water bottle though (pictured above) and when you love your water bottle and use it as an accessory you’re more likely to remember to put water in it and then drink said water.


Beautiful, insulated, cup holder friendly for errands, makes for nice desk decor, perfect fit for a stainless steel straw because #environment, drinking from a straw is easier during Zoom meetings.


My only complaint here is that with the cup version you can close the lid but this isn’t a “toss it in the bag” type of water bottle. This little number is going to leak like it heard a baby crying if you dump it upside down, so it’s best to keep it in the upright and locked position. For something more “tossable,” try the version with a screw-on lid.

Bevgo Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is another fan favorite because of all the mom water bottles on this list, it’s the one that makes water taste better!

Now there’s nothing wrong with plain water, it’s pretty foundational to well, everything. But there’s a reason spas or fancy hairdressers like to put cucumber or lemon in their water pitcher. It’s delicious!

Get that same vibe while you’re answering emails, watching soccer practice, chasing your children at the beach, or filling out yet another form for something. (Why are there so many forms in adulthood??)


Fancy, conversation piece, makes drinking water more appealing (I usually go with strawberries, lemon, or watermelon), dishwasher safe. Hooray, Bevgo!


After a few hours, that fruit is NOT going to look as fancy and you need to clean it out. The base is a touch big for the car cup holder too and I’ve known this water bottle to leak a bit if tossed haphazardly in a bag.

Dopper Water Bottle

This beauty makes my top list of mom water bottles because it’s practical, beautiful, fun, and suprising. Just like you, you radiant sunflower!

The Dopper Water Bottle is designed by a Dutch company which makes me happy because of my Dutch heritage. It’s insulated to keep your water, or whatever liquid you’re packing, cold but we’re talking hydration here so let’s stick with water.

Important note though: The top screws off to become a wine glass!

No seriously. Even if you’re pouring water into the little cup that’s a great way to treat yo self at the end of a busy day, moms. Get a little classy with your H2O.


Sleek design, cup holder friendly, secure lid, top that screws off and becomes a glass because Sweet Cheezits I love the Dutch.


It’s metal and insulated which makes the bottle a little heavy for tossing in my favorite crossbody bag. Also, if you and your mom have the same color you may constantly get confused when you are together, but that’s an oddly specific con, so you’re probably fine.


I know you’re just DYING to see another picture of me drinking out of a water bottle, but alas, my CamelBak is lost.

It’s a bummer too because CamelBak’s are fantastic! And if you are like me and have purchased more CamelBak bottles than you’d like to admit for your children, then getting one for yourself might be the ticket.

What I loved and lost about the CamelBak was the lack of leakage, the lightweight for easy transport, and the straw. I love a good straw!


If you’re already carrying several small people’s water bottles, you want yours to be lightweight. Plus – dishwasher safe!


Honestly, none except for the fact that I lost mine. Add to cart…


I might be dating myself by going with a Nalgene bottle, but this bad boy is a classic. The 32 oz Harvard University Nalgene bottle I bought myself when I started working there in 2008 is still kicking around our house and it is the entire family’s go-to bottle when there is physical activity to be completed on a hot day.

But whenever someone in my family steals my Harvard bottle, I make sure to loudly ask “Oh, did you borrow MY HARVARD water bottle?” around acquaintances and strangers so that they can ask “Did you go to Harvard?” and I can casually say “Oh, yeah, I did my Masters degree there, it’s like not a big deal though…”

Don’t worry, that story is (mostly) hyperbole.


Giant bottle for lots of water, see-through to make sure you’re actually drinking water, can be purchased from your alma mater bookstore probably, plastic so it can be tossed around on the soccer field no harm done, secure lid. Thanks, Nalgene!


Does not fit in a car cup holder, not easy to drink gracefully out of during a meeting (ask how I know), your family might steal it.

Mom Water Bottle Career Takeaways

I wrap up these posts with some relevant career development advice, and this one is going to be pretty clear-cut.

You need to drink water!

To keep moving towards your goals. To handle your business. To stay healthy so you can handle your business. To manage all working motherhood has to throw at you on a daily basis. Water is where it’s at.

If you forget water, you can forget everything else!

So drink it, moms. And drink it in style!

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