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10 Motivational Podcasts for Women With Big Goals

Inside: Discover the best motivational podcasts for women by women that will change your mindset, offer practical advice, and help you achieve your goals.

I like big goals and I cannot lie! And if you do too, these motivational podcasts for women, by women, are going to give you the kick in the leggings you need to go after them.

Blog posts are great for motivation (she says as a blog writer). Books are great for motivation, give me all the books! But there’s something really cool about a great podcast. Especially for busy women like us! We are on the go, go, go and our free time is often combined with time when we’re on the move.

Motivational Podcasts for Women with Big Goals

With that in mind, enjoy a rundown of my favorite motivational podcasts for women. Men can totally dig these too, but you’re going to get a lot of female energy up in here!

10 Best Motivational Podcasts for Women on the Go

Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a talented photographer turned online educator and host of the Goal Digger Podcast. She’s also a new mom and she keeps it super real about life as a working mother who faced years of infertility before bringing her little girl into the world.

Goal Digger (which, come on, that’s a killer name) is one of my favorite motivational podcasts for women because it’s super relatable while also being chock full of inspirational stories and practical advice for going after your goals.

Jenna keeps a steady stream of content coming with new episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays. One of my favorite recent episodes was about her experience at a conference as the only female entrepreneur where she totally breastfed mid keynote speaker like a boss.

Mother Honestly

Mother Honestly Podcast

Mother Honestly, founded by Blessing Adesiyan, is a media company focused on helping mothers “thrive in and beyond motherhood.” On the podcast, Blessing and her team interview moms who are also entrepreneurs, leaders, authors, and inspiring professionals and share their stories of struggle and success.

Working motherhood is filled with unique challenges and opportunities and I love that the women at Mother Honestly are having these open conversations and helping moms live their best lives through practical advice and inspiring stories.

As a big fan of the entrepreneurial drive, I loved the episode with Elle Wang, Founder of Emilia George, a maternity workwear company. Along with being a mom and CEO, Elle also works as an advisor for the United Nations. In the episode, Elle and Blessing discuss the creative drive that comes with pregnancy and motherhood and the realities of running a business while managing other areas of your life.

Do It Scared

When Ruth Soukup says jump, I say how high. Ruth has a hugely successful business that she built starting with her blog, Living Well Spending Less. Her latest endeavor, the Do It Scared podcast, centers on the idea of overcoming fear and getting out there to do that big scary thing.

Every Monday, Ruth’s podcast features interviews with inspirational guests who have faced their fears to build lives they love. Think authors, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and athletes. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve been motivated to get back on the horse every single time.

I personally love the “Get Ruthed” episodes the most. In these episodes, Ruth does live coaching sessions with bloggers and business owners to help them increase their income and take their business to the next level. If you’re a blogger or budding entrepreneur, you’re going to get a lot of tactical advice that you can put into practice right away.

I’m Busy Being Awesome

Life Coach and college professor Paula Engebretson is just as genuinely kind in real life as she is on her super helpful podcast, I’m Being Busy Awesome. Paula is a goal-setting pro and productivity ninja and I promise you’ll learn a lot from her experience.

If you have a big goal in mind, Paula can help you break it down into manageable chunks. Then she’ll take you through the steps you need to achieve them. It’s not just motivational, it’s super practical and I love that combination.

As a career coach, I was a big fan of her “How to Love Your Job” podcast episode that I’ll be referencing in an upcoming blog post. There’s also a great episode on New Year’s Resolutions that is applicable all year long.

Check out new episodes from Paula on Mondays!

Side Hustle Pro

Nicaila Matthews Okome of Side Hustle Pro had me at “Side Hustle.” Then she kept me at “Pro.” That’s some good marketing, plus she delivers!

The word side hustle gets a bad rap sometimes, which is very weird to me. Some people think if you aren’t going all in on your business right out of the gate then it won’t work. Others think side hustle and imagine a multi-level marketing scheme filling up their Facebook message inbox. But side hustles are how so many major and amazing businesses got started! Doing the work on the side to build something you love, while also doing the work you need to do to pay the bills.

Nicaila has been there and turned her side hustle into a profitable businesses. Through her podcast she interviews women who have done the same with their own businesses and are out there crushing it! Episodes are full of actionable steps too which I love.

After coming into this podcast late I started with episode 201: I QUIT My Job to hear Nicaila’s story. Highly recommended!

Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy

Let’s hear it for the entrepreneurs! Amy Porterfield’s business focuses on helping entrepreneurs build digital courses and grow their email lists. If you’re into the idea of creating your own business, Online Marketing Made Easy will be one to add onto your list ASAP.

But even if online marketing isn’t your jam, Amy is going to leave you seriously inspired. Throughout her marketing episodes, she also talks about morning routines, imposter syndrome, business ownership, and learning from mistakes. Amy genuinely seems to love what she does and wants all of her listeners to succeed.

One of my favorites from Amy is on prioritizing what matters most. This is something I think we could all use a reminder of when going after our goals. Find new episodes on Thursdays.

Best of Both Worlds

Author, Laura Vanderkam, and physician, Sarah Hart-Unger, host the Best of Both Worlds podcast on working motherhood. Both Laura and Sarah are moms several times over, have built successful careers they love, and make time for fun and exercise. Talk about living the dream, right?

What’s great about their podcast is that they are super honest about their experience, and it’s not always picture-perfect. But they have learned time management and efficiency strategies to change the “I don’t have the time!” narrative to a more productive “Okay, how are we going to make this work” mindset. Their great guests add their own perspective to the conversation too.

If you’re going after goals with an equally goal-oriented partner, check out this episode on dual-career households and tips to making it work for your family.

The Resilient Entrepreneur Podcast

The Resilient Entrepreneur Podcast with Michelle Mercier

I first met Michelle Mercier of The Resilient Entrepreneur podcast through a connection organization for women-owned businesses, Polka Dot Powerhouse. As she led our local chapter meeting I thought, “this lady has her stuff together…” As I got to know her more I realized “she has her stuff together, but she’s also as real as they come!”

Michelle made the leap away from corporate life and into entrepreneurship in 2016 amidst a mountain of personal challenges include health complications, parenting kids with health complications, and a pile of debt. Fast forward to today and she runs two successful businesses and started this amazing podcast to pay her knowledge forward.

The Resilient Entrepreneur is about exactly that, resilience. She interviews entrepreneurs about how they have dealt with the real hard stuff and come out the other side. If you’re looking for a dose of inspirational and motivation with a side of feels and laughs, Michelle’s your girl.

Check out my interview with Michelle on The Resilient Entrepreneur!

The Limit Does Not Exist

Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell believe that when it comes to career options that match up with your different interests, The Limit Does Not Exist.

You know I’m going to nerd out over this one, right?

Christina and Cate have created a podcast dedicated to people who consider themselves “human Venn Diagrams” and showcasing how you can find success by combining all of the different parts that make you, you.

Career paths do not need to be linear. In fact, the zig-zag path might actually benefit you down the road because you’re being true to yourself, and bringing a unique perspective into the world.

To get started with The Limit Does Not Exist, check out the Human Venn Diagram Highlights episode. Then find new episodes on Mondays.


The author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, brings lessons from her book and her work helping others find more happiness in their lives to her podcast, Happier.

While I love me a good business and career-related podcast, obvi, what I love about Happier is that it’s about your entire life. Family, health, work, friendships, all of that stuff matters so much and can make you, you guessed it, happier!

If you need some motivation to change your mindset or make some simple adjustments to increase your overall happiness in life, Gretchen’s got you. To kick things off, check out this episode on picking a one-word theme for the year.

Your Favorite Motivational Podcasts for Women

Alright, ladies! What did I miss? There are so many fantastic podcasts out there and I’m always looking to fill up the queue with more goodness. Share your favorite recommendations in the comments.

And then get to subscribing and go after those big goals!

You’ve got this!

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  1. Such a great roundup, Becca! And I am SO honored to be included. Thank you! I would also add “Do The Thing” with Melissa Urban and “Rise” with Rachel Hollis to your list. I can’t wait to check out Do it Scared, I haven’t listened to her podcast yet 🙂

  2. These are all amazing! I listen to a good handful, especially the I’m Busy Being Awesome podcast 🙂 There is also another new podcast I started listening to called mom After Hours. Sooo good! I know you’ll like it Becca! Can’t wait to check out a few more of these too.

  3. Great list, thanks for sharing.

    There is also the ‘Driven Female Entrepreneur’ podcast that has weekly interview with successful women about who they built their businesses and their biggest lessons and tips.

    It’s a rich source of inspiration and role models and help female business owners to Dream Bigger and Achieve More.

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