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Laugh-Out-Loud Resume Memes for When You Need a Job Search Break

Inside: 10 relatable and hilarious resume memes to keep you laughing when the job search has you down.

Even in a thriving job market, the job search can be tough! You’re updating your resume, sending out applications, having dozens of networking calls, preparing for interviews, stressing out!

So why don’t we take a break from all the job search worries and share a few laughs with resume memes!

Plus stick around until the end and snag a free resume template to make your job search a whole lot easier!

Resume Memes for When the Job Seach Struggle is Real

The Neverending Job Application

Resume Meme: *Upload Resume* NEXT Please fill in your employment history. Lebron James frustrated.

Career Coach Tip: Okay, yes. Resubmitting your resume information on the application is brutal. But it’s also a good reason to have a Word document version of your resume easily accessible instead of just a PDF so you can copy and paste.

Also, don’t skip over this part because you are (justifiably) aggravated. It’s going to take a few more minutes but you don’t want to count yourself out of the running by skipping the step that allows the employer’s system to move your application along.

Add Those Resume Skills!

Career Coach Tip: The performance reviews part had me rolling. Moms and dads – you get it!

But for real, don’t count out your transferable skills! For parents returning to the paid workforce, think about what you’ve accomplished and the skills you’ve built in the past 3, 5, 8 years. It’s a lot, and it’s 100% worth putting on your resume.

You’re a Multitalented Sunflower!

Career Coach Tip: Don’t count out what might feel like “odd jobs” on your resume. Check out that job description and take the time to figure out what in your experience would be most valuable to the role. Then talk about it!

Yes, this does mean customizing your resume for specific job applications which I know can feel tedious, but if it’s going to get you in the door and into the interview? Worth it.

Resume Formatting, Try Resume For(throwing my computer out the window)ing

Tweet from Lourdes @gossipgrill
Using microsoft word *moves an image 1mm to the left* all text and images shift. 4 new pages appear. in the distance, sirens.

Career Coach Tip: Trying to manage a resume update using your own template? The WORST.

It gets even trickier when you have images or icons. So skip the photos all together (it’s not necessary) and if you’re including icons make sure you have a format that is already set so you don’t need to play with it.

Make this easier on yourself and grab a free professional resume template that you can plug your content into.

Rseume Meeme, errrr Resume Meme, Resume Meme!!!

Star wars resume meme

Career Coach Tip: PROOFREAD your resume! And then get another set of eyes on it, please and thank you.

Need some help with your resume editing? Let’s talk.

Blame Barbie for the Resume Gap

Funny resume tweet from mark @thcatwhisprer The gap in my resume? That was the year I bought my kid a Barbie and had to remove it from the package.

Career Coach Tip: I laughed out loud at this while calling Nick Cage to see if he could help me unearth the national treasure that is my child’s Christmas present…

But in all seriousness, when you’re dealing with a resume gap, keep in mind a couple of key points.

  1. You don’t REALLY have a resume gap. You weren’t just hanging out the past X number of years. No, no. You were a full time caregiver, volunteering, doing project work, etc. That belongs on your resume as valuable experience.
  2. A skills section and a profile section can go a long way in setting the narrative of your resume instead of handing that job over to a bunch of job titles and dates! Start your resume by highlighting what you uniquely bring to the table.

I have some VERY special skills

Dwight Schrute resume meme - When your resume feels too short so you start asking random special skills.  "I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will."

Career Coach Tip: I LOVE a good skills section on a resume. Just make sure that it’s relevant to the job and use the appropriate keywords.

If the company is looking for someone who has experience with a specific technology tool and you have that experience, call it out! Do they refer to the figurative “herding the cats” you do in your job as project management? Use their language!

Now THAT’s a Resume Accomplishment

Tweet from Abby Heugel - If you put away the clean laundry on the same day that you wash it, I feel like that's what you should lead with on your resume.

Career Coach Tip: I genuinely wish I could do this! Maybe laundry speed and efficiency don’t show up on your resume, but this resume tweet definitely has a point.

Make sure your resume is about your accomplishments! More on that in the next tip.

Illumination Specialist (2015 – Present)

How would you write "I changed a light bulb" on your resume? Tweet

Career Coach Tip: This is about getting your resume bullet points up to PAR.

That stands for Problem, Action, Result.

Every bullet point on your resume needs to earn it’s real estate by talking about a problem you solved, an action you took, and the results of those actions.

If the bullet point isn’t doing that, it’s just listing a responsibility and not a good use of space.

My babies, my babies!

Schitt's Creek resume meme - struggling to edit your resume down to one page like... David Rose saying "I feel like that needs to be celebrated."

Career Coach Tip: Speaking of resume space… Keep it to a one-page resume for less than 10 years of experience. You can go to a two-page resume MAX for more than 10 years of experience.

Anything longer than two pages won’t get read, so while it may be tough to cut things off your resume, it’s necessary! Focus on the last 10 years of your experience in particular. Earlier roles require less detail.

(Keeps cool under pressure)

Funny resume tweet: Every parent who has picked up a toddler and taken them away from a playground while they kick and scream and cry is legally allowed to put "bouncer" on their resume's work history.

Career Coach Tip: Another shout out to those transferable parenting skills!

Grab a list of 48 transferable skills here for your resume if you’re feeling stuck.

Free Resume Template

I promised you a free resume template along with some laughs. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget!

Grab your free resume template here and leave here knowing that you got some resume memes to take the edge off AND a resume template to accelerate your job search.


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