Should I Quit My Job? Quick Test to Find Out!

Inside: If you’re asking yourself “Should I quit my job?” then let’s get that question answered! Use these questions as a “Should I quit my job” test and make your next move.

I see you over there. You’re starting at a computer screen and counting down the minutes. The job you willingly signed up for months or years ago just doesn’t feel right and every day you’re asking yourself “Should I quit my job?”

You are on what I like to call the Worry Rocking Chair. The worrying about quitting is giving you something to do, but it’s not getting you anywhere. We can get you out of that chair though!

Use these questions as a “Should I quit my job” test and make your next move.

3 “Should I Quit My Job?” Assessment Questions for Working Moms & Dads

should I quite my job - take this 3 question test

1) The Energy Drain

Is your work giving you energy or sucking it dry?

While we all may be tired at the end of the day, there are going to be certain activities you do at work that are going to be more energizing than others. You see this at home with your kids (for me: baking cookies = energy boosting, playing charades = energy draining!) and at work.

For example, if you’re head down in data all day in the office and that type of work drains your energy while collaborating with a team gives you energy but you don’t get to do that much, then there’s a mismatch.

Try this.

Over the next week, keep a very simple energy journal. On one page, write “Energy Boost” at the top; on the next page, write “Energy Drain.” Write down the activities from your work day that boosted your energy and the activities that drained your energy.

Let’s take a look at the end of the week and see what’s what!

2) The Culture Clash

What is a “good culture” to you?

Really think about this one because “good culture” is not the same to everyone! For a lot of parents I work with, good culture means flexibility, but we need to break that one down further too. What exactly IS flexibility to YOU!

Try this.

Write down the elements that make up that good culture and the characteristics of the people who uphold it. As you’re doing this, avoid negatives like “not a micromanager” and instead flip to the positive “a culture built on trust.”

Now compare this positive culture against your company culture. Is there a big mismatch here? If so, and there aren’t opportunities to advocate for your needs or job craft, it might be time to look for your next opportunity elsewhere where you can thrive.

3) The Road Block

Are you hitting roadblocks at your current company that have slowed your growth?

Suppose you have your sights set on the next level of responsibility or a function change. You know that *this* role isn’t right anymore and you’re trying to move on but it’s simply not happening at your company despite your best efforts. Is there anything more you can do here or is it time to look elsewhere?

Try this.

Ask yourself these follow-up questions:

  • Does your manager know what you want to do next in your career with the company?
  • Have you advocated for yourself in order to be promoted?
  • Did you get any feedback about what skills you need to build to make a move, and did you take action on that feedback?
  • Have you sought out internal moves but no opportunities are opening up?

If you’re nodding “yup” to these questions, then it might be time move on.

Okay, Time to Quit My Job Now What?

Before you march in with your resignation letter in hand, let’s make a plan.

First off – do you know where you WANT to go next? Getting clear on the target instead of saying “anywhere by here” is going to up your odds of success in finding the right next job.

Second – are you prepared to quit your job without another paid opportunity? For some people, the answer might be yes if you are going to be a stay-at-home parent for a period of time and save on childcare costs. For others, quitting without another paid role ready to go won’t make financial sense.

With these two points in mind, I invite you to come grab a seat and make a plan with me! Sign up for the next free session of How to Land a Fulfilling Job You Love Without Giving Up the Flexibility You Need or catch a session replay.

How to Land a Fulfilling Job You Love Without Giving Up the Flexibility You Need
Hosted by  Becca Carnahan

In just an hour we’re going to get you started with a new job search strategy and you’ll be well on your way to more a fulfilling and flexible job! Let’s do this!

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