Letting Go of What We’ve Outgrown in Our Lives & Careers

Inside: What are you holding onto that doesn’t fit anymore? For me, it was a pair of black high heels that taught me an important lesson about embracing growth and change. I’ve had these black heels for nearly ten years, and for the past five years they have been tucked away in my closet. There’s…


Don’t Wear Orange to Spin Class (And Other Lessons Learned from Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone)

They call it a “comfort zone” for a reason. Your comfort zone is as cozy as a fleece blanket, a bowl of ice cream, and any movie written by Nora Ephron. It’s familiar and there is nothing scary about it (unless you are a fellow lactose intolerant and forget to take a Lactaid pill before…

Embrace Imperfection: How to Get Unstuck by Shooting for B- Work

Inside: How letting go of perfectionism can help you make progress in your career. Embrace imperfection? That idea would make 16-year-old high school perfectionist me choke on my Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail. But 18 years later, as a mom and a professional, I am on board with this strategy. And if you are struggling…


How To Achieve Your Goals by Picturing the Worst-Case Scenario

Inside: How to achieve your goals in your career and life by picturing the worst-case scenario. Three reasons why this actually works! One of my most important jobs as a career coach is to ask good questions. I have a lot of questions in my tool kit, but one of my favorites might surprise you….