Losing My Working Mom Makeup Crutch, and Finding Something Better

Inside: One of my go-to hacks to handle my busy working mom schedule, and what I learned about confidence, self-induced expectations, and getting the job done when I didn’t have that crutch to lean on. Listen to the post here. One of my working mom life hacks is keeping my makeup bag in the car….


31 Inspiring Moms Through History Who Share Your March Birthday

Inside: Celebrate your March birthday with these famous women. These hard-working moms have chased their dreams, raised their families, and made their marks on the world. Happy March birthday to you! (And if you missed January or February, don’t worry. We have you covered!) Shared birthdays have always fascinated me. When reading a biography, I pause…


Letting Go of What We’ve Outgrown in Our Lives & Careers

Inside: What are you holding onto that doesn’t fit anymore? For me, it was a pair of black high heels that taught me an important lesson about embracing growth and change. I’ve had these black heels for nearly ten years, and for the past five years they have been tucked away in my closet. There’s…