13 Best Tech Tools for Mom Entrepreneurs to Save Time

Inside: My favorite tech tools for mom entrepreneurs as a mom, 6-figure business owner, and career coach. Work smarter, not harder!

Mom entrepreneurs, let’s make your lives easier, shall we?

As a small business owner and busy parent, you juggle many balls. Metaphorically (clients, marketing, school pickups, daycare payments) but also sometimes literally (you do what you have to do to entertain a toddler!).

So, to ensure that your business keeps growing while you are out living a life you love, we need some helping hands—specifically, some helping digital hands.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

I started my business, Next Chapter Careers, in 2018. I took it full-time in 2020 and grew it into a six-figure business by 2022.

At times, running a small business while managing life as a mom of two is HARD, but the perks can’t be beat. Working from home, full schedule flexibility, creative control, bigger and bigger paychecks each year, etc. Win, win, win.

For the first few years, I was running the business solo (including doing my own taxes, yikes), so I had to learn how to work smarter, not harder. That’s where some really great tech tools came in back then and continue to play a huge role in my business today!

Here are my favorite tech tools for mom entrepreneurs broken out by three key areas of business – marketing, program delivery, and operations. And you can use many of these tools for free as you’re starting!

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tech tools for mom entrepreneurs

Tech Tools for Mom Entrepreneurs – Marketing

To have a business you need a product or service that meets a need AND clients who are going to pay you for that product or service. Bringing those clients to your physical or virtual door requires marketing.


There are tons of different kinds of businesses, but one of the most important tech tools for mom entrepreneurs – no matter what your business model – is a website. A website is always working for you, even when you’re asleep.

My business started with a blog before I started offering coaching services, so WordPress has been one of my go-to tech tools for mom entrepreneurs since day one! Over half of the world’s websites are on WordPress, and for good reason. With lots of themes, templates, and plug-ins, you can create a website that works for your style and business.

WordPress serves as the front end of your website (where you’ll write, post, collect leads) and then you’ll need a website host too. For that I use SiteGround and I’m consistently impressed by their customer service.


I learned about the importance of an email marketing list early in my career as an entrepreneur. Social media is great, but even when you spend hours and hours growing a following, not all of your followers will see your posts.

That’s where email comes in!

Having an email list filled with potential leads who have opted into your content gives you direct access to potential customers. I started with Mailerlite because it had a really simple interface (yay for simplicity!) and was free for up to 1,000 subscribers (yay for free!). I’m still with them now because of the easy analytics, plug-and-play templates, and integrations to other tools. I’m a big fan!

Try Mailerlite for free.


I love Interact as a lead generation tool so much that I wrote a whole blog post about it! Interact is an online quiz creator that you can use to bring potential customers into your world.

For my business, I created a quiz called the Just-Right Job Match Quiz that helps folks identify what types of roles would be an ideal fit for them based on their work style and needs. When someone completes the quiz, they opt into my email list, and I can do a follow-up to invite them to join my coaching program.

Quizzes can be useful for product—or service-based businesses because they are a fun way to interact with potential customers. You can also easily segment your customers to offer products and services that fit their needs.


I know what you’re thinking…Pinterest? The place where I go to find recipes? Yes, that same Pinterest can be a powerhouse for your business, even if you don’t have a great recipe for blueberry muffins.

Year after year, Pinterest has been the number one driver of traffic to my website which results in leads for my business. That’s why if I recommend one social media platform on my list of tech tools for mom entrepreneurs, Pinterest has to be it.

People search for all kinds of things on Pinterest, not just recipes. Because Pinterest acts like a search engine, you can figure out what keywords are related to your business and then create pins using one of my other favorite free tools, Canva, that will bring folks to your site.

(When you’re ready to get advanced with Pinterest and schedule your pins to save even more marketing hours, definitely check out Tailwind.)


Two years ago, my friend and colleague Marie and I started our podcast, When Mommy Grows Up. This podcast has been an amazing resource for Next Chapter Careers clients and a marketing tool for bringing in new leads and clients. Love a good two for one!

We use Buzzsprout to host the podcast, which then pushes out new episodes to all of the major podcast players on your devices. You can also use Buzzsprout to create soundbites that are perfect marketing tools for sharing on social media.

Tech Tools for Mom Entrepreneurs – Program Delivery

These program delivery tools are specific to service providers because my business is service-based and online. If your business model is similar, these tech tools for mom entrepreneurs will be the foundation for getting the work done!


As a career coach, I spend a lot of time in 1:1 and group coaching calls, and it all happens over Zoom. Zoom lets me see clients all over the country from the comfort of my home (no commute – hooray!) without giving up the face-to-face element that is really helpful in coaching.

I also love features within Zoom that will let me record, use AI to take notes, and host larger events. Zoom is a workhorse for my business and a tool I’ll always highly recommend to other moms starting service-based online businesses.


I also use Zoom to record videos for my online courses, which are then housed in Thinkific. Thinkific is an online learning platform where course creators, coaches, and consultants can build, deliver, and promote their online courses and programs.

There are a few different course platforms out there, but I went with Thinkific because of the affordable cost, intuitive platform, mobile app for my clients, and integrations with the other tools I use for my business.

If you’re exploring different platforms for creating or coaching online courses, you can try Thinkific free for a month.


In addition to recording longer videos on Zoom, I love using Loom for quick tutorial-style videos to help my clients navigate LinkedIn, ChatGPT, job board saved searches, and more.

Loom is a screen recording extension that lets you record quick videos of your screen for free. You can also upgrade to record longer videos, but I’ve been happy with the free version for a while now!

Google Drive

Last but not least, for program delivery tech tools for mom entrepreneurs, Google Drive has to make the list!

I use Google Drive to document processes for myself and team members (huge time saver), share documents with clients, and track and store data. I love knowing my information is easy to access from anywhere and in the cloud, not just stored on my hard drive. Less stress—yes, please!

Tech Tools for Mom Entrepreneurs – Operations

As a small business owner, you need to keep the trains running on time. From scheduling, to communications, to finances, it’s a lot. Let’s get you the help you need!


I can’t even tell you how much time I used to spend on scheduling—WAY too much time. But when Calendly came into my life, I fell deeply and madly in love.

Calendly is an online calendar tool that allows clients, colleagues, leads, etc., to book time on your calendar without all of the email back and forth. It’s easy for your clients and potential clients to use (click and book!) and easy for you because you can set your own availability to make sure appointments are only scheduled when you want them to be.


Whether you love to write or it’s a chore, having Grammarly on your team is a huge win as a small business owner.

Grammarly is like powered up spell check, checking your newsletters, marketing copy, and blog posts for spelling, missing words, grammar mistakes, and opportunities to clarify your writing. I used the free version for a long time and got a ton of value out of it on the regular. Now, I’m on a paid plan because it as such a huge help (and time saver) as I edited my book.

Get one month of Grammarly free here!


Zapier is going to be the tool you use as a business owner when you say to yourself, “Errr, I wish THIS part of my job could just be automated…”

Zapier is an integration tool that works magic behind the scenes. For my business, it connects Thinkific to Google Sheets, creates folders in Google Drive, updates contacts in Mailerlite, sends emails to teammates, and even creates a ChatBot. *Chef’s kiss!*


For my first few years in business, I tracked all my business finance through Google Sheets. And this is not a bad strategy! As long as you know what you’re tracking and stay up to date on it, you can cover a lot of ground here.

However, as my business grew and it was time to hire an accountant and bookkeeper, Quickbooks just made sense. This accounting software tracks all of your expenses and revenue and provides handy reports that you’ll use for tax time and for making sound business decisions.

When you’re ready to upgrade from the Google Sheet, Quickbooks Online has you covered.

Turn Tech Tools for Mom Entrepreneurs into Small Business Magic

Your turn to turn these tech tools into small business magic!

What tools will you try first as you grow your business?

What should we add to the list?

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