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The Best Toddler Products on Amazon That Will Save Your Sanity

Inside: Find the best toddler products available on Amazon that make toddler parenting easier.

Toddlers are magical little creatures full of sweetness, cuteness, and energy. They can also be maniacal tyrants hell-bent on running the roost and driving you bananas. To help save your sanity during the toddler years, check out some of the best toddler products on Amazon that you’ll want to “add to cart” toot suite!

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The best sanity saving toddler products on Amazon

OK to Wake! Alarm Clock

Ok to Wake Clock for Toddlers

Have you ever tried to convince a toddler it is too early to get up at 4:45 AM? If not, imagine trying to negotiate with a tornado. Or trying to convince a cow to wear pants.

But this little magical piece of electric plastic has somehow managed to keep my toddlers peaceful and quiet in their respective cribs and beds until 6:15 AM every most days. They wait until their clocks turns green before calling out “Mommy! I’m awake!” or coming into my room and standing four inches from my face.

Toddler products that promote sleep are the best kind of toddler products. Yet again, I’m left wondering how parents raised children before the technological revolution.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic Locks for cabinets

When attempting to keep both of our toddlers out of the cleaning supplies cabinet we tried frustrating safety latches that took four years to open, rubber bands, and a padlock.

None of these options compared in the slightest to the Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks though. 

These little babies are super secure and invisible! You set up the magnet lock inside the cabinet, and then use this little magnet key and it pops open. Keep the key safely up on your counter out of reach and you’re good to go. Toddler product GOLD!

Fubbles No-Spill Bubbles

Fubbles no spill bubbles

If you’re a parent of a small person and haven’t been covered in bubble soap at some point, wait about 6 more minutes because it’s coming soon. I promise. Bubbles are delightful, but as soon as your kiddo hits the “I do it myself” stage that bubble soap is going eve.ry.where.

Enter Fubbles – the most brilliant toddler product invention I’ve ever heard of. Tip Fubbles upside down. Throw them in your beach bag. Give them to a toddler begging for bubbles who will play with them for a few minutes before seeing a cool bug and dropping the bubbles and running away. They still won’t spill. It’s witchcraft, and I’m on board.

Toddler Learning Tower

Toddler Learning Tower DYI

Once your baby turns into a toddler and learns to climb, watch out. Because they will climb, everything.

I understand it too, toddlers are very short and they want to be involved in the goings on above their tiny heads. It’s just bad for your sanity when your toddler is scaling your cabinets to climb on top of the counter.

Enter the Learning Tower! The Learning Tower is basically a big safe step stool that toddlers can climb into and out of easily to reach the counter. It’s great for toddlers who want to help make cookies, and even better for toddlers who want to help do the dishes!

You can buy a Learning Tower on Amazon, or do what my husband, Glen, did and build one yourself. I would say that I helped him, but that would be very untrue. I have, however, benefited from his skills immensely.

Shower Visor

Toddler Shower Visors

My daughter, Norah, made bathtime quite the “adventure” as a baby and toddler.

She would happily sit in the bathtub for about 3.5 minutes and then would start screaming like you had taken away all the love, hope, and crackers in the world. Particularly if you tried to wash her hair in those 3.5 minutes. Torturous.

So we decided to throw money at the problem and buy these little shower visors on Amazon.  The first couple times Norah thought they were demons coming to possess her soul, but when she realized that they were actually engineered to protect her eyes from water and soap she was on board. Bathtime is now enjoyable for all. 

If your toddlers are anti-hair washing, I recommend these bad boys strongly.

Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

I swear my toddlers’ stuffed animals procreate at night because I did not buy all of these plush rabbits, bears, and elephants strewn about our home.

Our solution, the storage ottoman! Whether your toddler is a stuffed animal enthusiast, car lover, V-Tech fanatic, or block junkie, the storage ottoman is a lifesaver.

Instead of a coffee table, we have a storage ottoman in our living room that holds blankets and stuffed animals. The kids can easily open up the ottoman to find their things, and just as easily put the lids back on, which they sometimes do.

Another benefit besides hiding toys, the storage ottoman lids flip over from the soft cushion side to a tabletop side so you can put drinks on there safely. Plus since the whole thing remains cushy at the corners, it’s way less dangerous for toddlers who toddle and often fall down into things than the shape edges of a table.

While you won’t find this storage ottoman under toddler products in a Google search, I very strongly believe it belongs there and would buy this thing one million times over.

Fruit Snacks

Toddlers love fruit snacks. And honestly, I don’t blame them. Fruit snacks are delicious. Plus you can even buy the ones that claim they are made with real fruit, so there’s that.

Are you going to want to feed your toddler actual fruit? Of course. But trust me when I say that buying fruit snacks in bulk, or setting up a Subscribe and Save with Amazon for fruit snacks (a thing I definitely did and still have set up), you will be doing your sanity a favor.

Toddlers are losing their minds in the car? Fruit snacks. Long plane ride? Fruit snacks. Need silence for a minute? Fruit snacks.

Just buy the fruit snacks.

I know you are crazy busy as a parent, and parenting toddlers is no joke. It’s physical, mental, and emotional and you deserve a break today. And a Kit Kat. So I hope that you found a toddler product or two on this list that you can add to cart and save yourself some sanity through the toddler years.

Because it’s super hard, super fun, and super cuddly, and you’ve got this!

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  1. This is so funny!! But those bubble though. That is an excellent invention and I would like to hug who ever came up with it!

  2. LOL #3. I was given a box of fake tampons that hold a shot of liquor each for my birthday. That might raise eyebrows on the beach, though.

  3. I so badly want to invent something. I have had what I believe to be great ideas, but no one agrees with me! LOL. And, I do believe that having children (though we aren’t quite inventing them) is totally worth our face on the front of a coin or some paper money, right? I love the wake up alarm clock you have here — my daughter uses some version of that. The no-spill bubbles are also a go-to. 🙂

  4. We have an OK to Wake clock! It’s an owl whose ginormous eyes glow orange and he plays classical music before bed, then it turns green for wakeup time. My 40 NEEDED that to sleep when she was 2.5y and baby was born… sleep regression!!!
    We are pretty casual around here, so the best invention for us is the popsicle mold … or whoever decided to market backyard trampolines. My kids live on that thing!

    1. Isn’t it brilliant! I don’t know why that little green light works but it totally does. Popsicle mold, trampolines – excellent additions. And now I really want a popsicle…

  5. I love that fruit water infuser – I get so bored with the plain stuff. Also, I think someone needs to invent a (safe) lawnmower that follows the same concept as the Roomba vacuum. I am over mowing my lawn – Iet’s have robots to do it.

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