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Top 3 Blog Posts from With Love, Becca 2018


2018 was the year of 1, 2, 3 at our house.

There was always either a 1 year old, a 2 year old, or a 3 year old living under our roof, and attempting to tear that roof to shreds.

I counted “1, 2, 3” more times than I’d like to admit with mixed levels of compliance from my children.

Both of my kids could count to 3 in 2018. And to 9. And to eleventeen which isn’t a number but don’t tell them that because honestly it’s not worth it.

1, 2, 3 was also how I got myself out of bed before the sun was even considering rising to work on my book. “Alright, lady. You can lie here another 3 seconds and then you have to get to work or never finish this book and be an old woman someday telling her great grandkids about how she almost wrote a book once. 1, 2, 3. Up!” (I get dramatic in the morning.)


3 is considered a magic number, which is why I use the “managing family, managing careers, and managing to laugh through it all” framework for my writing. Those 3 categories sum up how I live my life, and what I love to share here with you.

But I lied a little when I said Top 3 Blog Posts in the title, because I went with top 3 in each of the 3 categories. But it’s fine… Math, schmath… These are based on page views though, so I did base this on data instead of guessing.

If you’re sitting on your couch eating cheese today, because you aren’t quite sure what day it is but you do know that there is a lot of leftover cheese in your fridge, then here is some reading material that pairs well with cheese. Trust me on this.


Behind the scenes of a professional family photo shoot - the funny, the helpful, the beautiful. #familyphotos

Parenting is rewarding, amazing, breathtakingly beautiful, and breathtakingly difficult. As in carrying my 50lb son up a hill and not being able to breathe. But I’ve learned some things along the way that make it easier and if I didn’t pass that knowledge along I’d be a big jerk.

Newborns are Inconsiderate: Your Funny and Helpful Guide to Parenting Newborns

After successfully shepherding two children through the newborn stage I consider myself a bit of an expert on baby parenting making stuff up and seeing what works. Here are some of my favorite newborn stage hacks that were lifesavers for us in 2015 and 2016.

The Magic Words that Will Help Get a Toddler to Sleep

Moving from babyville to toddlertown, this one piece of advice we received from a sleep consultant absolutely rocked our world, and saved bedtime.

Procreating Ain’t Easy: The Trying to Conceive In Between

Way back before I had a blog, I told my mom that I felt like I really needed to write about miscarriage and infertility. Stories from other woman were a lifeline for me during some of the most challenging days/weeks/months of my life. I’m grateful for this platform to write about funny stuff kids say and the challenges of working motherhood, but I’m also grateful to have the opportunity to write about everything it took to get here.


One piece bathing suits for moms

2018 brought some career development to the blog because I got a real itch to start being useful here. I quite enjoy the being useful part of this writing adventure, and it seems like the working mom/career coach posts are hitting the mark. Here are the top 3.

Embracing the One Piece Swimsuit

This post is a funny piece that also takes a career development turn. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written and honestly if it hadn’t made Top 3 I would have lied and included it anyways.

What Does Having It All Mean To You?

“How can I have it all?” It’s a question so many working moms ask themselves all the live long day. But I wanted to take a pause on this question because before figuring out how to “have it all” it’s super important to figure out what “it all” means to you.

Making Money Blogging Without Being Obnoxious

Turning my blog into a business has been a big and scary move in 2018. Equally big and scary was writing about how a blogging hobby can become a career path. With some help from Fomo Publisher’s Network founder, Ryan Kulp, this posts talks about blog advertising and the career path of an entrepreneur.


Lyndsay Hannah Photography Family Photo

We laughed a lot in 2018. Which is good, because it’s the only way I really know how to cope with the chaos of working/momming/adulting. Here are the top 3 funny posts based on number of page views cross referenced with laugh cry emojis.

8 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Move Your Child into a Toddler Bed

In 2018 we moved both kids out of their cribs and into toddler beds. Which resulted in the vast majority of things I wrote this year revolving around sleep and a lack thereof. This one offered no helpful advice, but it made a lot of people laugh at our pain.

15 Funny Mom Memes That Pair Well With Leggings and Wine

Most of this post is other moms being funny, which I support wholeheartedly. Many thanks to them for helping make this post what it was.

What the Spice Girls Taught Me About Parenting Toddlers

Toddlers are adorable. They are also insane little humans that lead me to write nonsense like this at 4am. #NoRegrets #SomeRegrets

That’s all she wrote for 2018. Stay tuned in 2019 for another year of laughs, learning, and probably more rodents in my house.

Photos from Lyndsay Hannah Photography

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