Two Different Size Feet Marching to Their Own Beat

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One of my feet is a full size bigger than the other one.

Not just a smidge, not a half size. A full size. Right is a 10, left is an 11, and I predict that I won’t be really comfortable in footwear ever in my life.

(Unless there is a left 10 right 11 who enjoys flats with good arch support out there reading this. If so, call me.)

Two Different Feet, Marching to Their Own Beat

I’ve pulled out this fun fact at social gatherings more than once. And to be honest, the story falls flat because there isn’t much of a plot line. It’s not like my big toe got chomped off by an alligator while I was water skiing the Everglades. One foot just grew a bit when I had kids while the other foot was like, “Nah, we’re good.”

As annoying as shoe shopping has become over the past four years, and as dull as this anecdote is, I still kind of enjoy my weird foot situation. I find it kind of symbolic of how I live my life. Slightly off balance and perhaps a little odd.

I have one foot in the workforce in a stable job, one foot in an entrepreneurial endeavor without a set road map toward success.

One foot in the serious business of editing cover letters and resumes, one foot in the world of creating ’90s memes and writing funny stories about my Roomba.

One foot in the “sure let’s do an elaborate craft and drink kale smoothies!” parenting camp. One foot in the “screen time and ketchup is a vegetable” camp.

I’m marching awkwardly to the beat of my own drum. It’s an uneven march in pace and style. But it’s mine. Just like the two weird feet that keep me moving.

All the Weird Parts

What has really encouraged me to embrace the inner and outer weird is the kids who quite literally made me this way. However pregnancy changed my feet, the little people who arrived on the scene as a result changed me even more.

They love all the parts of me. The funny, the serious, the strong, and the cuddly. On top of that, watching them approach the world with their own unique brand of personality and spirit encourages me to embrace my own.

Watch preschoolers interact with the world for even just a few minutes and you can’t help but be inspired to worry far less of what others think of you and far more about what brings you joy.

Today You are You

There’s a Dr. Seuss quote on the wall of our local indoor play place that says:

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There’s no one alive who is youer than you.”

Leave it to Seuss to come up with the right words huh?

There’s no one who has my weird different size feet, slightly odd sense of humor, or unique lens on the world. Same for my two little people who are putting on their pants backward, making up songs, and coloring way outside the lines. Same goes for you. Pretty cool huh? I certainly wouldn’t want it any other way.

Come to think of it, I think it might very well be that the wonderfully weird makes the world go round.

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