From Gamer to Game Developer: Tips for Turning Your Passion for Video Games Into a Career

Inside: Guest post from Cheri Mclaughlin on how to turn your video game passion into a fulfilling career.

Video games have become more than just a hobby for many people – they are a passion! And for those who cannot get enough of playing the latest games or classic titles, it may be worth considering turning this love for gaming into a career. To help you begin this journey, below are some tips to guide you.

Find Scholarships for Video Game Design

The cost of education can be a huge obstacle for many people, but there are scholarships available for those interested in pursuing a career in video game design.

Check with local organizations, gaming companies, and schools about scholarship opportunities. These scholarships can help cover tuition costs and other expenses related to your education.

Test Video Games Professionally

Becoming a game tester is a great way to start building a career in the video game industry.

As a game tester, you’ll play through various stages of a video game and provide feedback to developers on bugs, glitches, and other issues. This job requires a keen eye for detail and a love of gaming, but it’s a great way to get your foot in the door and make connections.

Connect With the Industry

Attending industry events like gaming conventions or conferences can help you meet people in the industry. You can learn more about the latest trends and technologies in gaming, meet developers and publishers, and even get a chance to pitch your ideas.

Make sure to take your networking to the next level and connect with people on social media after the event.

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Search for Game Development Jobs

There are many job opportunities related to game development, from programming and design to marketing and project management. Check job boards and company websites for open positions and apply to ones that interest you.

Even if you don’t have all the necessary qualifications, keep in mind that meeting 100% of the listed qualifications likely means you are OVER qualified. Consider your transferable skills and clearly articulate how those transferable skills apply in your target roles.

Keep in mind that applying can be a valuable learning experience and help you see what skills you still need to develop.

Find Freelance Gigs in Game Development

Building your portfolio and gaining experience can be immensely beneficial for your career, and freelance work is an excellent way to achieve that.

To enhance your skills in video game development, seek out gigs like designing characters or levels, creating sound effects, or writing game scripts. Explore various opportunities by using platforms like Upwork and to find exciting video game development projects that align with your interests and expertise.

Submit Game Projects to Competitions

Showcasing your skills and creativity by creating video game projects is an excellent way to boost your career prospects.

Enhance your visibility in the industry and potentially win prizes by submitting your work to esteemed competitions like the Independent Games Festival and the Unity Awards. Get recognized and take your game development career to the next level by participating in these popular competitions.

Enhance Your Projects With 3D Modeling

Solving complex design problems in game development is possible with 3D modeling tools. Acquiring proficiency in these tools can help create intricate games with detailed environments and characters, making you a highly desirable candidate in the industry.

If you’re interested in game design and development, learning to solve this with 3D modeling is an essential skill set that can give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Ready, Set, Play!

Transforming your passion for video games into a successful career requires more than just enthusiasm. It demands dedication, perseverance, and the determination to learn continually.

By implementing these tips and remaining focused on turning your vision into reality, you can efficiently pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career in the gaming industry.

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