What a Great Resume *CAN’T* Do

Inside: Why you need to step away from the resume, and into a new strategy for your job search as a busy working mom.

Stop me when this story doesn’t sound familiar anymore…

You’re staring at your computer screen thinking “Bah, I really don’t want to be doing this job anymore. It’s not interesting, I’m not in the zone, the commute is too long, this doesn’t fit my life anymore, etc.”

So you head over to LinkedIn or Indeed and you start scrolling.

And scrolling.

    And scrolling.

Then quickly closing your browser tab if you’re in the office and your boss walks by…

        Then scrolling some more.

And Now the Resume, Right?

All of a sudden 30 minutes have gone by and you’ve seen one job posting that was interesting so you go to look for your resume.

Yikes, you found the resume but it needs some dusting off. So you spend a painful hour editing, then you hit submit.

THEN you wait and wait, but you don’t hear back about an interview. Bummer… You say to yourself, “Man, it’s got to be my resume. Better start by editing the resume MORE!

At which point as a career coach for parents I holler, “NOOOOO! Save yourself! Step away from the computer! Do not pass Go OR collect $200.”

Here’s why:

What a Great Resume Can Do

A great resume CAN do some things really well.

For example:

✅ It can make you feel confident in your work history and accomplishments. Hey, look at you! You’ve done some cool stuff!

✅ It can tell your story to a prospective employer. If you use your resume real estate well you can set the narrative with a great summary and skills section that set you apart.

✅ It can get you in the door to an interview. Explain yourself well on paper and you can be invited in to tell your story in person.

What a Great Resume CAN’T Do

But, and this is a big BUT…a great resume cannot bring you career fulfillment.

At least not on its own.

❌ Because a resume with nice words that’s not targeted is just a pretty piece of paper. You need to be super clear on what you want and need before you ever touch a resume. Otherwise you’ll be marketing yourself too broadly and your story won’t land.

❌ Because even a great resume can get lost in the shuffle of job applications. 80% of new jobs are found through networking and referrals. Yes, 80%!

❌ Because if you create a resume for a job before REALLY knowing what job and environment are right for you, you might end up in the same situation you’re in right now! Research is CRITICAL in your job search so that you move forward in a way that makes sense for your and your family.

So here’s what I want you to do with all this information.

(1) Step away from the resume!

(2) Consider if you REALLY know what you want and need from your next job before you touch that resume again.

(3) Head BACK to the resume when you know what skills you want to use AND what your target employers are looking for so you can weave it all together on paper.

And if you don’t know exactly what you want in this next chapter of your career just yet, don’t worry! I can help with that.

As a career coach, I specialize in helping parents land fulfilling jobs they love without giving up the flexibility they need. #GOALS

And you can get access to my full method for doing exactly that with this free training.

Grab your seat right here and let’s do this!

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