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When Mommy Grows Up is Getting Published! A New Book for Working Moms

Inside: The birth of a book for working moms! When Mommy Grows Up: A Guide to Parenting Yourself to a More Fulfilling Career is coming to a shelf near you in 2021.

Two years ago the seed of a book idea was planted, and I started setting my alarm earlier and earlier each morning to get the words onto the pages.

The vision was a book for working moms or soon to be working moms who wanted to find more fulfilling and joy in their careers. I could mix my experience in career coaching with my love of mom humor and make making a career change fun instead of scary. Career development, but make it accessible and funny.

There was the sweet spot! It was the book I wanted to read, and the book I needed to write.

You Just Need One Yes

A year ago I typed the last sentence of that book for working moms and started sending out letters to literary agents and publishers, bracing myself for a flurry of no. The flurry of polite no that did indeed quickly follow because this is a tough business.

My spreadsheet filled up with lines of no, and there were some tears, some frustration, and lots of ice cream. However, the mantra running through my head – you only need one yes to get published.

Then one day, during a global health pandemic, with UFO sightings and reports of murder hornets, the yes I was waiting for came. Clear Fork Publishing saw my vision, and they want to help take that vision and make it a book for working moms that they won’t want to put down.

Dreams are Not Canceled

It’s a weird time to be popping bottles of champagne. To quote Lego Move 2, “everything’s not awesome.” These are scary and confusing times without a clear finish line in sight.

But at the same time, maybe we all need something to celebrate right now. Something to remind us that we are all super resilient and will get to the other side of this, even if that other side looks very different than before. Something to remind us that dreams are not canceled in 2020.

So today I’m raising a glass to many early mornings, many late nights, and a labor of love that will be published by Clear Fork Media in 2021. “When Mommy Grows Up” is going to be out there in the world, and maybe on your bookshelf, instead of saved in 14 different backup folders on my computer and on the cloud. Since I don’t fully understand the cloud, I’m much more comfortable with the idea of a hardcover.

And Here’s to You, Moms!

And I’m also raising my glass to celebrate you.

The parents somehow making this impossible juggle possible. The business owners swiveling to serve their customers. The teachers bending over backward to learn new ways of teaching. The healthcare workers who wanted to save lives when they grew up, and are doing just that. The dreamers hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

Cheers to you, cheers to “When Mommy Grows Up,” and cheers to a 2020 that will hopefully start looking less like Jumanji and more like a Field of Dreams.

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