As moms, we love to inspire our kids to dream big dreams about who they’ll be as they grow up. But when is the last time you stopped to ask yourself, “Who am I going to be (next) as I grow up?”

The When Mommy Grows Up Podcast is the motherhood and career podcast for moms who need help defining what success looks like to them as mid-career professionals and parents along with the support they need to go after it.

Hear real stories from real moms facing the same challenges you are. Finding flexible jobs, crafting a job you love, discovering your passions, crushing it at work and getting kids off the bus! We’ll talk through it all. Hosts (and fellow moms) Becca Carnahan and Marie Tremblay of Next Chapter Careers, take your questions and provide practical step-by-step advice to help you move forward. All served up with a virtual mom hug and lots of laughs!

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Welcome to When Mommy Grows Up: The Podcast! In this first episode, join hosts Becca Carnahan and Marie Tremblay of Next Chapter Careers for a quick peek into their career journeys as working moms. Plus they will share what to expect from future episodes – real stories from real moms that will help you navigate the motherhood identify shift, career changes, work-life balance questions and more. Let’s keep growing up together!

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Having children is by far one of the most life-altering events we go through.  So how does a high-achieving woman navigate this confusing, exciting, scary, and beautiful career and life inflection point?

That’s our first real mommy growing up story – “Kate,” mom of two little ones with a Master’s Degree on her office wall and a whole lot of confusion about what fulfillment looks like to her now that she is a mom and coming out of the new baby haze.  Join Becca and Marie to hear Kate’s story and learn the steps she can take to identify what has changed with her career criteria and welcome the new possibilities ahead.

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Your 20-something self thought she had it all figured out – she graduated and landed a great internship and got hired. She built herself a path that was tidy and linear and thought everything else would fit right in. But after becoming a mom Jane found herself slowed down a little on that career hike, and she had to admit to herself she also felt like she wanted to explore what seemed like intriguing new trails along the way with the fascinating little humans she made.

Does this sound like you? If so, you are not alone wanting to explore new possibilities. Join Becca and Marie this week as we learn about Jane’s journey as a lawyer. She worked hard to get where she was but somehow felt a disconnect as her kids were reaching the age of having after-school activities that she wanted to be a part of. Let’s help her go from half-present and unmotivated, to feeling energized about all areas of the life she has built.

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Personal branding is a weird term. Instead of preparing ourselves for a job search or career growth, it feels like we’re trying to sell toothbrushes! And honestly, while we’re used to telling stories as moms it can be pretty scary to think about effectively telling our own stories.

That’s how Melissa was feeling as she launched a job search. Melissa is a mom of 1 and a military spouse. She and her family have moved around the country multiple times, and Melissa has a lot of varied interests so her job history is, in her words “scattered.”

Listen as Becca and Marie break down the intimidating idea of personal branding and help Melissa own her personal brand in her job search. 

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Hooray, you got the interview! And then another interview, and another interview, and a rescheduled interview that interferes with your kid’s soccer practice. Modern-day interviewing is a lot, especially as a busy parent who already has a lot on her plate.

Ida was feeling the interview pressure too. She was excited that her applications for Customer Success Manager roles were getting into the right hands and she was receiving calls for interviews. But at the same time, she and her husband were juggling full-time jobs and the schedules of three active kids.

Join Becca and Marie to talk about what is going on with all the interviews nowadays, how to use multiple interviews to your advantage, and when it’s time to say “I’m out!”

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