Introducing When Mommy Grows Up: The Podcast!

Inside: When Mommy Grows Up: The Podcast is the motherhood and career podcast that will help you figure out what you want to be next as a working mom.

As moms, we love to inspire our kids to dream big dreams about who they’ll be as they grow up. But when is the last time you stopped to ask yourself, “Who am I going to be (next) as I grow up?”

That’s exactly where The When Mommy Grows Up Podcast comes in. From two mom friends and the career development pros of Next Chapter Careers, When Mommy Grows Up is the motherhood and career podcast for moms who need help defining what success looks like to them as mid-career professionals and parents, along with the support they need to go after it.

On this podcast, you’ll hear real stories from real moms facing the same challenges you are. Finding flexible jobs, crafting a job you love, discovering your passions, crushing it at work and getting kids off the bus! We’ll talk, laugh, and learn through it all.

What to Expect from When Mommy Grows Up

First things first – our episodes are 20 minutes long. It’s the perfect length for going out for a walk, doing the laundry, the school pick up line, or your commute. We like making things efficient and we love a good multi-task!

Second, When Mommy Grows Up is based on stories. Real stories from real moms like you! Names and details are changed, but the stories you will hear here from moms making changes in their careers are going to sound VERY familiar. They are the stories of your friends, your sisters, your coworkers. Talk about relatable!

And the best part about these stories – they have happy endings! You CAN go from stressed and confused to happy and fulfilled in a flexible job you love. It’s not a dream, it’s a reality, and these moms have done it.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts

Hosts (and fellow moms) Becca Carnahan and Marie Tremblay are the voices behind When Mommy Grows Up and colleagues over at Next Chapter Careers. Together we will take your questions and provide practical step-by-step advice to help you move forward.

Plus we are going to make this fun! All of our podcast episodes are served up with a virtual mom hug and lots of laughs!

Becca Carnahan

Becca is a mom of two, career coach, and CEO of Next Chapter Careers helping mid-career parents land fulfilling jobs they love without giving up the flexibility they need.  

Prior to launching her own business, Becca trained as a Career Coach at Harvard Business School and has 14 years of experience in the professional development field. She has a BS in marketing from Boston College and an EdM from Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Becca is also an active writer and has shared her expertise on Huffpost, Fairygodboss, and the Harvard Business School Career blog.  She is also a published author of three bestselling books, two children’s books and a career development book: When Mommy Grows Up!  

Marie-Pier Tremblay

Marie is a mom of three who still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up!  After finishing law school she thought her path as an attorney would be a linear journey but she realized as she was getting to know herself better that her priorities had shifted.

In 2017, Marie decided to exit the paid workforce for a few years and staying home with her kids.  Having heard that phase of life goes by in a flash she threw away her type A checklist because it wasn’t serving her at the intersection of chaos and trying to enjoy the beauty in the small things. 

As her kids are now all in school full-time, she started to work as a Marketing and Community Coordinator at Next Chapter Careers with her good friend Becca.  In her new role, she’s using her skills in music production, community building and problem solving and experiencing for the first time what it feels like to find your Career Sweet Spot!

Follow Along and Send Us Your Questions

Are you ready to come along for the ride? Let’s keep growing up together!

Find When Mommy Grows Up on your favorite podcast platforms and follow along so you don’t miss a weekly episode.

And keep in mind that Becca and Marie are here to help YOU with your big mid-career challenges! Send your stories and questions to podcast@nextchaptercareers.us.

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