Work From Home, Hybrid, In-Office: Factors For Working Moms To Consider

Inside: Trying to figure out whether WFH, Hybrid, or Remote is the ideal work situation for you as a working mom? Use these tips from Cora Gold, Editor in Chief of Revivalist.

It’s no secret that parenthood is a full-time job. Your brain and heart are on duty 24/7!

Then when you add on your professional career to the mix there are a whole new slew of challenges. Commuting, and child care, and mom guilt, oh my!

There’s no perfect solution to the dilemmas that working parents face, but there are factors you can control. For example, WHERE you work. Some working moms know a remote work setup is ideal for them to maintain a balance between work and life. For others, hybrid or fully in the office is exactly what you need!

Having trouble figuring out what location you should look for in your job search, or what to advocate for as your company makes a transition? Here are five factors to help you decide on the best location for your workspace.

1.    Equipment

Think about what you need froma functioning home office. Does your home setup allow you to do your best work? If you find yourself struggling with an internet connection or dealing with backaches from an unideal desk setup, you may want to consider heading back to the office.

An internet cafe or shared office space may also give you the technical support you need. Some companies may offer supportive equipment like monitors, chairs, or an office fund to make working from home more comfortable. Be sure to ask these questions before accepting a remote position.

2.   Child Care

Whether they’re with you, at school, or with a sitter, your young children need care 24/7 so childcare is a big factor in this decision.

One benefit of working from home is that you’ll be able to spend more time with your kids and make daily memories while your kids are small. If having a nanny fits within your budget, you can work in breaks throughout the day. Or, you can seek out a daycare a short distance from your home. Working in blocks can also help you balance family and work time.

On the other hand, some moms who work from home experience burnout. A lack of clear boundaries means they end up combining child care with long work hours. If your job requires unbroken focus, or if you work best when having some time to switch from work mode to home mode on your commmute, an office job can give you the separation you need to be productive without distractions.

3.   Health

Instead of feeling burned out, some moms find that prioritizing their health comes more easily when they work from home. For example, enjoying the benefits of fresh ingredients is easier – and mealtime less frenzied – when you don’t have to commute from work after a long day. Having extra time to cook nutritious meals will boost your immune system and energy levels, which can help you stay on top of your job and your parenting. When working from home, you also have more time to sleep, unwind, and play with your kids.

For some parents, their mental health is better if they compartmentalize their professional and parental roles. Having the mental space to focus solely on work in an office setting may make it easier for some moms to keep things organized at home.

If you’re nodding along to BOTH of these scenarios, consider if a hybrid work environment with some time in the office and some time at home would work for you.

4.   Commute

For many working moms, the daily commute adds strain to an already busy day. If you constantly feel like you’re running behind, trading your commute for an extra hour at home could bring a lot of peace to your life.

On the flip side, some moms may enjoy the alone time they get during their commute. Consider how important your commute is to your daily routine before deciding where you’d rather work.

5.   Collaboration

Many people love working from home because they can avoid office drama. Without the rigidity of a nine-to-five, these moms can spend more time with family while maintaining the same level of productivity.

However, some people enjoy their job more when they’re able to physically collaborate with others. If working alone sounds miserable, you may need to consider heading to the office. Even quiet cubicles may be better than working alone all day.

Struggling with figuring out how you work best? Think about your peak experiences in your career. The times you’ve been in flow and felt you were doing your best work. Was your work collaborative, solo, or a mix of both?

Finding the Best Fit

Some moms prefer working in office environments, while others thrive on working full-time or part-time from home. Both models can work well, depending on your personal needs, and there’s no shame in either choice.

Consider these five factors to decide which work location will help you best thrive as a parent and a professional.

And if you’re feeling stuck, learn more about the Fulfilling Job Framework here which helps you get the tools and support you need to find a fulfilling job you love without giving up the flexibility you need.

Cora Gold is the Editor-in-Chief of Revivalist magazine and a passionate writer. She loves exploring life, family, and inspiration through writing and collaborating with others who share her interests. Follow Cora on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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