The Funniest Work From Home Memes for Parents

Inside: Funny work from home memes for parents that will make you laugh so hard you forget that everything, including working from home with kids, is impossible right now.

Remember a few years ago when we all laughed until we cried watching this BBC work from home interview?

Working from home with kids who are able to bounce their way into your video conference was a delightfully funny scenario from afar. And that little girls’ spunk was amazing. Not to mention the super mom who comes flying in after the baby…

Honestly, I can’t even recap this any further. I’m laughing too hard.

Working from Home Got Real, Real Fast

Fast forward three years and now working from home with kids is our reality for the foreseeable future. Schools are shut down. Businesses have sent workers home. We are social distancing and flattening that curve like responsible citizens.

But it’s hard.

Not hard compared to the hard others face around the world in war-torn countries, but hard compared to our normal lives of getting the kids on the bus and going into the office.

We are attempting to fit 8 hours of work into a day in addition to entertaining/feeding/teaching our children. Our tiny pupils are feeling restless. And even the introverts among us are already looking forward to hitting up a networking event with strangers just for some social interaction.

funny work from home memes for parents working at home with kids

Work from Home With Kids Memes & Videos to Bring Some Humor to our Lives

There’s going to be a lot of fixing to do after this whole thing is over.

People will be recovering, the economy is going to need a boost, and kids will need to relearn a lot of math. But we need to deal with the here and now, and the best way I know how to deal with the here and now is to take it one day at a time.

And to laugh. A lot.

We need humor to make us feel less alone when we’re struggling. We need humor for our mental health. We need humor always, and I think now more than ever.

So as we do what feels impossible over the next (???) weeks, let’s lean into some funny work from home memes, shall we?


What the World Needs Now is Olaf

Live shot of my kids poking my face while I’m on a video call.

The Office is Wherever the Kids Currently Are Not

Business on the top, yogurt stained sweatpants on the bottom.

So. Many. Questions.

Did you know that my friend Sally’s dog’s best friend was a squirrel?

That blue section looks about right

But 6 hours of sleep seems like a lot actually…

It’s just so loud…

Someone is going to get an email from me subconsciously signed “Jamie from Cosmic Kids Yoga.”

Honestly, people. Pull it together.

These coworkers really need to start pulling their weight around here.

Do What You Gotta Do

Add “creative problem solving” to your resume.

That’s an Accurate Schedule

Screen time, screen time, screeeeeen time.

And More Screen Time


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This Schedule Works Too

I’m not going to lie, we do have a schedule and a little easel in the living room. But I’m fully prepared to toss it out the window if needed and stick with this plan.

Is This the Bad Place?

But look at you! Maintaining eye contact and everything!

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So that’s a no then?

I honestly don’t think they can help it. Instinct takes over.

At least they are learning a lot about dinosaurs?


Philadelphia Museum of Art getting in on the work from home meme game!

The glint in that kid’s eyes tho…

I believe these are called “work sprints.”

Painfully accurate.

Work from home but you're also a parent - Dolly Parton meme
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How is that possible!?!

Every. single. time.

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Sure, come on in.

I’m blaming Newman for this one.

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Yup. Sure. Come on in…

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We Can Do This!

I’ll close with this.

These memes are funny because they are true. We are all simply trying our best in less than ideal circumstances and our best is absolutely good enough.

And don’t forget, even when you feel like you’re messing up, I bet you’re doing a great job. Because working parents multitask like bosses.

You can do this. We can do this!

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