12 Best Working Mom Blogs to Follow for Support, Laughs, and Advice

Inside: Working mom blogs you will want to follow as you navigate the complicated and rewarding world of working motherhood.

I’ve always been a planner. Even as a kid my dolls had mapped out SMART goals and were regularly investing in their 401Ks. In a seemingly very random world, I like to know where I am going and how I am going to get there. (Figuratively speaking because I’m actually quite terrible at driving directions.)

Because of my planner ways, I started mapping out in my head how I was going to crush working mom life well before my children even existed. I had Word Documents and Excel Sheets and plans with a capital P.

Then in February 2015 I actually became a mom and realized that it’s almost entirely impossible to plan for becoming a mother before you are one. No one has a single clue about what motherhood is going to look like for them. My plans had to become VERY flexible.

What helped me a lot as I dove into intense “how to be a working mom” on the job training was hearing from other moms who understood what I was dealing with. I had many heart-to-heart conversations with women in the office, and found connections with moms on the internet writing about their experiences. Working mom blogs became my new favorite genre and eventually led to me starting my own here at With Love, Becca.

The best working mom blogs to follow right now for laughs, support, and expert advice

Best Working Mom Blogs

If you are a new working mom, or an experienced working mom who needs more cheerleaders/humorists/experts/online friends in your corner, then this list of great working mom blogs is for you!

Find one or two favorites, or follow them all. From one working mom to another, I know you’ll be very glad you did.

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Working Mother

Working Mother should be one of your top stops as a new working mom. This website has some of the best “Best Companies to Work For” lists around specific to working mothers. They also serve as a group working mom blog sharing advice on work-life balance, progressing in your career, dual-career households, and maternity leave.

If you prefer your reading hard-copy style, Working Mother is also a print magazine. Or you can follow along on Instagram for inspiring quotes and relatable jokes.

Favorite Post: VP Mom’s ‘I’m Not Sorry’ Credo is Just What Working Parents Need Right Now

"I'm so thrilled to be able to raise a daughter and be a working mom because I'm living my dream and that's what I want for her." - Sutton Foster. Working Mother.

Christine Michel Carter

Christine Michel Carter is out there making sure working mom voices are heard by major brands and companies across the country. Much of Christine’s writing is published over at Forbes, and she’s also been featured on the NY Times and The Washington Post. She’s also a speaker, author, and consultant. #CrushingIt

On her website, Christine talks about millennial mom life, career development, entrepreneurship, and workplace diversity. You can also check out her books Can Mommy Go to Work? and Mom AF.

Favorite Post: How Working Mothers Can Ditch the Act in 2020 and Bring Their Authentic Selves to Work

Grind harder. Practice self-care. Make money moves. Live in the moment. Is anyone else totally confused by everything you see on social media. - Christine M. Carter

The Mom at Law

Lawyer moms, do not pass go. Do not collect $200! Click on over to The Mom at Law right now then you can circle back to thank me when you have a minute.

Candace Alnaji of The Mom at Law is a talented writer, lawyer, and mom and you’ll love her for her humor and for her guidance on making lawyer mom life work for you. She’s all about helping women understand their rights in the workplace and supporting both traditional and non traditional legal careers as moms navigate work and family.

Favorite Post: The Advantages of Telecommuting: What Workers Want.

I've never tried doing a full day's work while inside an active hurricane simulation machine, but I imagine it's something like working from home with kids. - @TheMomAtLaw

Happy You, Happy Family

I first found Kelly Holmes’ blog, Happy You Happy Family, because in addition to being a great writer, she’s also an awesome entrepreneur and educator who teaches new bloggers how to write great content. As I learned from her through her Sticky Blogging site and Sticky SEO course (which I highly recommend for bloggers by the way), I read a ton of her posts on Happy You, Happy Family and was hooked.

Kelly’s tagline is “You can find happiness in the chaos” and she delivers on that message through research-backed articles on parenting. For busy working moms like us, Kelly’s actionable tips from her experience and other experts are hugely helpful in making managing work and family work for you.

Favorite Post: 4 Powerful Questions That Will Help Your Child Thrive Right Now

Kelly Holmes - Happy You, Happy Family blog

Fairy Godboss

The Fairy Godboss website is many things in one! A job search site, a place to read company reviews, a working mother discussion board, and a working mom blog.

If you are job seeking, this is definitely a site to bookmark but the blog and discussion cover a range of topics including career, parenting, health, news, and money. Plus you can customize your feed so that articles you are most interested with show up on the homepage.

Favorite Post: 7 Morning Habits That Start the Whole Family’s Day Off on the Right Foot (Even Now)

Reminder: You don't have to do it all. Fairy Godboss

Working Mom Notes

Physician’s Assistant, mom of three, and founder of Working Mom Notes, Ashley, lays down truth bombs that working moms need in their lives. She doesn’t shy away from talking about the hard parts of working mom life and inequities in the workplace, plus she’s a huge proponent of bringing women together to support each other.

Head over to Instagram to join the conversation with Ashley, check out her blog posts, or join her member community.

Favorite Post: Stop Giving Working Moms Advice, What About Working Dads?

It takes a professional village just as much as a personal village for the success of working mothers. @workingmomnotes

Chaos & Quiet

The name of Laura’s blog says it all about working mom life, Chaos & Quiet. As a working mom of active kids, it seems there is no in between.

As a lawyer and mom of three, Laura shares her experience as a working mom and shares tips on preparing for maternity leave, parenting little kids, and organizing your life. In addition to offering great resources, Laura is also super funny and I think you’ll get a kick out of her sense of humor on her blog and Instagram.

Favorite Post: 7 Things You Need to Do to Prepare for Maternity Leave

Nobody is more full of false hope than a Mom who places items on the stairs for her family members to carry up. @chaosandquietblog

Forever Freckled

If you ever wished you had a sister to share advice with you, head over to Forever Freckled for advice from three sisters who are managing careers and family life and sharing their experience with you.

Kate, Allison, and Carrie are all working moms who love their families and their careers (pediatrician, veterinarian, and stylist respectively). They bring their expertise in healthcare, pets, and fashion to the table mixed in with their thoughts and advice on motherhood. The site is full of support and the sisters make you feel like part of the family!

Favorite Post: All Moms Are Working Moms

Working Mom Blogs to follow - Forever Freckled

The Corporate Sister

Solange Lopes runs The Corporate Sister, a “platform and community for and of working women and moms committed to working and living on purpose, according to their own definition of success, and promoting gender diversity in the workplace.” I thought about paraphrasing to describe her site, but Solange’s own words say it better than I could!

Before finding her true career passion as a professor and writer, Solange was a CPA for a decade in the corporate world. Since I’m a total career transformation and fulfillment nerd, reading about Solange’s story had me hooked! Go check her out for discussion around finding your purpose, career growth, diversity and inclusion, self-confidence, and self-care.

Favorite Post: You don’t have to keep it together: Protecting your mental health as a working mom

How to stand out in an online meeting as a working woman - The Corporate Sister

Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy was one of the first websites I landed on when I became a mom. This group blog is filled with heartfelt motherhood posts, laugh out loud stories, and the support working moms need. There are so many different ways to be a working mom and I love how Scary Mommy approaches reaching moms with content that connects at all levels.

Getting my writing published on Scary Mommy was a HUGE goal of mine and I have two essays on the site now! One on religion and another on miscarriage, so definitely a little on the heavier side. But head there for the laughs, news, and tips too including one of my favorite posts below.

Favorite Post: 7 Tips for Pursuing Your Dreams When You are Busy AF

Never underestimate the power of telling a mom "You're doing a good job." It could be everything she needs to hear in that moment. - Scary Mommy

Mother Honestly

As the founder of Mother Honestly, Blessing Adesiyan walks the walk and talks the talk of supporting mothers. She is a mom of three, operations manager, podcaster, and event organization whose mission, along with her team at Mother Honestly, is to help women thrive. Having personally worked with her on the Motherhood Summit Conference and the Mother Honestly blog, I simply can’t say enough great things.

Join Blessing and team for honest conversations about motherhood covering topics like remote work, household management, finances, career growth, and mental health. You can sign up for the weekly newsletter which is always chock full of great stuff or follow along on Instagram.

Favorite Post: Outsourcing is a Still Source of Shame, but It Doesn’t Have to Be

Mother Honestly quote

With Love, Becca

You landed here at withlovebecca.com looking for working mom blogs and I hope you found some great picks on the list above. I also hope you’ll stick around for a while right here because working mom life is my jam and I love sharing it with readers like you!

With Love, Becca is a love letter to working moms managing family, managing careers, and managing to laugh through it all. I write about motherhood lessons learned, working mom quotes, funny parenthood stories, and career development advice based on my 12-year career in the field. There are also lots of working mom memes. Memes on memes on memes!

If you need a shot of humor with your entre of working mom hacks and career advice, then this site is exactly what you’re looking for.

Sign up for the weekly email right here!

With Love Becca, Working Mom Blog

Happy reading, working moms!

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