This Working Mom Will Be Five Minutes Late: A Working Mom Poem

Inside: A working mom poem for moms trying their best to get to work on time, but often find, for very good reason, they will be five minutes late.

A Poem for the Working Mom

I could get up at 6, or at 4:45, but I’m going to be five minutes late.

Despite best intentions, and lateness prevention I’m going to be five minutes late.

No matter the prep work I do before bed

No matter the plans mapped out in my head

No matter what I thought, what I wrote, what I said

I’m going to be five minutes late.

I can get myself ready in 10 minutes tops

But after that? My control of the morning stops.

One kid wakes up grumpy, hungry, or sad

The other won’t get her hair combed by her Dad.

Chances are each kid will want an extra-big hug

When they can’t find the right socks, or the dog they named Doug.

And often each child will need just one more kiss

To make up for the moments of their days I will miss.

But if all that they ask is for five minutes more

Before I button my coat and sprint out the door

Then I’ll give them those minutes, make up the work later

I’ll type all through lunch knowing I made morning greater.

Because right now they need me, so work needs to wait

This working mom will be five minutes late.

This working mom poem was also featured on InspireMore.

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