5 Fun Card Games for Kindergarteners (And Adults) Under $15

5 Fun Card Games for Kindergarteners (And Adults) Under $15

Inside: Fun card games for kindergarteners great for stocking stuffers and travel. All of these games are under $15, store easily, and plus they are fun for adults too! As I was doing self-assessment exercises to figure out a vision for my work life as a working mom, I realized something. I’m competitive. Very competitive….

Ridiculous Indoor Activities for Preschoolers That Will Help Working Parents Stay Productive

Inside: Working from home with little kids? Try these fun and slightly ridiculous indoor activities for preschoolers that will give you a few more minutes back in your day for work productivity. Real talk. Glen and I are both a bit tired. We are a dual career family trying to fit many hours of work…

Working From Home with Kids: What’s Working, What’s Not

Inside: Support and tips for parents working from home with kids while everyone is stuck at home. There are a lot of work from home tips flying around the internet right now, which is great. People helping people! But it’s also important that we remember this isn’t a regular work from home situation. This is…